Are you looking for the pickup truck camping tent to suit your requirements? If so, you’re at the correct place. Continue reading to get more information.

If a truck tent sounds like your next camping trip, I’ll help you figure out what to look for and what to prevent.

We will also check at a few top-rated car tents available right now so that you can spend more time sleeping and less moment shopping.

Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent | Best car camping tent

Key feature:


Large D-shaped door


Mesh windows for ventilation


Lightweight fiberglass poles


Weighs 11 lbs & 63" center height


Comes with full rain fly

You can set this up and take down by yourself. It does take a little more time. Just be gentle with the rods and don’t try to be too forceful with them or they will break.

The tent has performed very well; even with the rain fly on with the windows open, it has proper ventilation but also keeps heat well closed with them.

One point I liked regarding having this is that it permitted me to maximize resting area by keeping my garments bag and also colder in the taxicab of the vehicle. Additionally, you can necessarily make the rear of your bed a headboard as well as tons it up with cushions for severe convenience while outdoor camping. An additional function exists a connection at the dome of the outdoor tents indicated for safeguarding the fiberglass pole that can function as a location to hang a light for illumination.

It arrives with a rain fly, a smooth case, the tent has inside pocket, the tent ground is a tarp-like fabric that was fantastic when I came at a campsite after riding through the rain and had a freezing humid truck bed-no issue with the tent ground!

I put a little air mattress in there, and it is the best sleep I have ever had out there. The only thing I’d say is to bring a tremendous level when you go camping so that you can park and have your truck at a slight downhill angle but nothing too crazy just in case it rains. I got stopped several times with people asking me about this tent, and I recommended it to anyone who would listen. It was one of my best shopping ever!

The side windows allowed for a gentle breeze. And the truck bed air mattress we got fit nicely inside of it, allowing for our two small bags and dog bed between the foot of the bed and the mattress. The tent was a convenient option for our various trips.

For an economic tent, materials are a standard quality. It has clunky fiberglass poles that I handle with care because I know a thing or two about a thing or two.

You will love it. It blocked all of the wind on cold nights and had good airflow on warm nights, it kept us dry in a few bad rainstorms, and the wind never bothered its frame a bit. We did spray the rain fly with water sealant because I do that for everything, but it kept us extremely dry.

Some moisture of the tent walls after a night of heavy rain, but no drops coming in, dried on its own the following morning.

The tent weighs only 10 lbs, including poles and case. It looks good.


The tent is super simple to put up. I didn’t have any issues with anything, and my truck matched completely. It blocks all the wind on chilly evenings and had good air circulation on warm nights, in a few poor rain storms it keeps us safe, and the wind never troubled its structure a little bit. 

This tent, I indeed suggest. It’s a fantastic price and a beautiful tent! Love it!


Can it use on the ground also?

Yeah, it can. But I would recommend it in a truck.

Can you zipper the side windows?

Yes, you can.

How durable is it? Idaho is very windy.

It is standing up nicely. We’ve had a big storm last time we’ve used it, and it’s been great. The wind handled and there were no leaks.

What is the ventilation like? Particularly on the beach?

Beach ventilation is very good. The screen window makes it easy for the breeze to pass through the tent and also ensures that it is not blown in a steep breeze too much.

Is it to be well ventilated?

Yes, it is.

Does it have a floor or bottom in it or just the metal bed in your truck?

It has a more durable bottom in it as a standard tent has.

Rightline Gear Truck Tent | Pickup truck camping tent

Key feature:


Unique floorless design


Easy install


Water-resistant fabric


A lantern-hanging hook


Private mesh-panel windows

I’m totally pleased with the decision of buying the brand Rightline Gear. It looks very stylish and is extremely simple to pair up with 2 individuals. We put up the first journey and pulled it down in a line for 4 days without damage. One individual can quickly tear down and the shed suits into the bag supplied with space.

I placed in the bed a two air mattress that permitted some space for other products. I also purchased a screen for the roof and a battery for the 12v toy car. This worked very well!! Fan ran off the battery all night, creating a beautiful breeze.

I planned to leave the rain guard and look at the stars at night, but the gray clouds came in, so we put on the rain guard. It functioned wonderfully, everything was totally dry inside, and the rain came off like a duck away. Everything was safe, sound and secure.

It is compact for storage, making camping a breeze while traveling. Little features such as the storage pocket and lantern hook add to the convenience and you can’t beat the price.

The storage bag is really good because the next afternoon I tore this tent down. I didn’t strive to get everything in the storage bag to match home. I was amazed to discover that only 3 poles had to be installed. They looked very well done. The tent fabric itself is of good value and the stitching was very good given that I impressed on certain parts of the tent during the set-up.

The cover works fine in the rain, it rained all night and was windy like crap. The tent stayed dry and stayed in one place while flooded all the others who had tents on the ground. Haha, all of them had to sleep on the barn floor while enjoying a comfortable dry air mattress.

I like the convenience of sliding off the tailgate, this tent is very waterproof, and I never had a problem getting wet in torrential downpours. It’s convenient, very fast to set up. I can set up mine on the back of my truck in about three minutes.

This is worth the money; do not hesitate to purchase this tent. It can be used with or without a rain fly. It’s gorgeous.


This is a great product that fits perfectly in our F150. Setting up is simple and easy. It is compact for storage and, while traveling a breeze, makes camping. Little features like the lantern hook and storage pocket add to the convenience and you can’t beat the price!


Is the front entrance open only to the elements or is it a complete zip cover so you can't see in?

It is a full zip cover.

What is the material made of the poles?

The poles are made from flexible fiberglass.

Is the configuration of one individual?

Yes. You can set it up all by yourself.

Sportz truck tent | Best truck tents camping

Key feature:


100% water-proof


Color coded pole


Rear access panel


An expandable carrying bag


3 mesh windows & 2 ceiling vent

It takes me 15 minutes to set up the camping tent myself for the very first time; it’s more comfortable with two people. The established is straightforward; insert all the posts before linking down points.

The camping tent flooring gets to from the rear of the bed to the side of the opened up tailgate. It’s incredibly spacious, and also I can nearly stand therein. I additionally have a collection of Disc-o-bed bunk cots in there, and also they fit flawlessly and also still permit some free flooring area.

It has the floor covering the inside of the bed of the truck. Some tents are just going to the side of the truck bed and on the bottom are open.

It operates entirely with the rain fly. It rained throughout the weekend, and we didn’t have any leaks. It is good to get in and out with the rain without thinking about dropping water into the tent.

It is possible to open Windows in several ways. They have zippers down the center, too, instead of just one zipper that goes all the way around. It allows the control of airflow for lots of adjustment.

The poles that are color-coded are high, but you also need to look for other pole placement clues. 2 poles are green. 1 It’s very long with rubber stops at the ends. The other is much shorter with metal spear points at the ends.

Small air vent housing doors allow, if possible, only a small wind motion. For much more water flow, there are two small air dwelling doors close the edge of the dome. This helped when it began to get a little stagnant inside.

I’m happy with this outstanding performance, sturdy, eye-catching, and helpful product. The item and the zippers are made of excellent performance. Love all the zippered house doors that allow tons of motion of air.

It’s effortless to set up & tear down. I’m a woman in her mid-40s, and I could put it on my own. The storage bag that contains it is also outstanding, and all things fold away into the bag without any difficulty incredibly rapidly. Every friend of mine who stayed with me was delighted with this product as well as envious.



I enjoy this tent! It’s large enough for two to sleep comfortably. At the highest point, I (5’6) “can stand up completely. I like being off the floor, and it’s great to have easy connections to the car. I’m excited about using it in the other seasons, but it’s a great product and a great price.


Do you remain dry with this tent in heavy rain?

Yes, you’re still very dry. It arrives with the rain fly that can be attached. Over a current ceiling lining extra.

Can it be kept on the floor until you are prepared to place yourself on a truck?