It’s hard to select the easy pop up camping tent. Loads of them are out there. They’re all looking the same. And it’s also different yet. This guide is going to down things.

You will be left with a practical way of compiling your own handy shortlist of potential purchases after reading this comprehensive guide.

Oileus Pop up Tents Camping 4 to 6 Person Tent

Key feature:


Reinforced steel stakes


Water resistant


Open itself in seconds.


Folding Size: 38” in diameter


Keep the bugs out effectively.

This tent is extremely quick and easy to set up. It’s ridiculously simple to set up. Remove the cover, unbroken, and release the tent into the air. It’s going to pop open right before even landing on the floor. You remove the stakes and fold them up to take it down. So you can spend more time outdoor enjoyment.

With it, I’m really impressed, good materials, durable stitching, and taped seams. It’s as light as a 1-man tent, and if you’re friendly, you can sleep six big guys. It has plenty of room for my oversized sleeping bags and gear.

It also has two ways to enter / exit, and there are two separate panels on both sides that zip-one for mesh only and one for a full privacy panel. Two windows that can also be unzipped to mesh. So if all the panels are mesh, you get some fantastic flow of air.

Easy to carry. It is foldable and portable.

It’s great to be allowed to keep out in the sun while having some warmth and not having to care about having her bugs! It has distinct zippers so that the sun or shadow can be allowed.

It has plenty of space. Lovely bright color, lots of ventilation, perfect for summer! It has two doors, meshed windows and a top mesh for those who want to admire stars without flying and mosquitoes during the night. It comes with additional cover in case of rain on top of the tent.

The camping tent is a high-quality product, and delivery has been extremely fast. The packaging of the item was also excellent.

It enables excellent air circulation even with all doors and windows closed and keeps the heat in very well. The holding case was outstanding.

With sleeping pads, it can readily fit six people. The entire system looks well produced and is expected to provide indoor convenience for several years.


The pop up tent is very simple to put up. You’re just going to bring it out of the bag and unfold it, and it sticks up. I’m happy with this buy, and the children enjoy to practice in the tent. It can sleep for six individuals, so it’s relatively big.

Oileus Pop up Tents is perfect for summertime. I recommended it.

Gazelle Pop-Up Portable Camping Tent

Key feature:


Set up instantly in 90 seconds.


Solid fiberglass poles


Removable floor


Durable Beefy Ykk Zippers


Rain fly with poles integrated


Sturdy design pop-up hub

This tent is doing beautifully. It took less than 1 minute to set up literally and less than 2 minutes to take down.

I like the fact that the floor is removable. The tent is going up and down with the floor inside, so if you don’t want to, you never have to take it out. It takes approximately 2 minutes to get it back in and sealed.

Rain fly can be placed on and taken off extremely easily. The roof is a screen panel, so if it’s a lovely night, you can fly off the rain to look at the stars and stay cool and nice. You can fold the covers over the doors, so when the rain drop is off, there’s still security all the way around.

 The quality seems to be the highest quality! The stitching looks great and all the fabrics seem to be of very good quality (walls, floor, and screens). Furthermore, the fabric is well strengthened at all stress points.

I enjoy that even my 6 foot 4 boyfriend can sit up directly inside and I can get dressed in full protection sitting up with the doors shut and I have plenty of new water coming in through the roof.

 It’s the best quality I’ve ever had in a very durable fabric tent bag. It’s slightly oversized, making it relatively easy to get back in the tent without having to tug the bag.

It literally pops up so easily, just lay it out, and pull a tab in the middle of a wall to erect that wall, then go inside and pop up the top. Taking down, rolling up, and store in the case is just as easy.

I love the roof of a mesh. We always leave the cover off and enjoy a view of the night sky or overhead trees when it’s not super cold outdoors. There are plenty of windows around the tent and the zippers never stick. Every time they work well.

We used it in circumstances of rain and never had any problems with leakage. In windy places, it also keeps up extremely well. In reality, unless it grows really windy, we do not need to pin it down. All the other tents had to be tied up pretty much all the time.

It took a bit longer, probably 2 minutes to set up the rain cover. There are tons of ventilation windows; it’s nice and tall to move around easily, fantastic all around.


It also looks gorgeous and has plenty of ventilation windows. The two-door layout was also useful in enhancing airflow. It’s an excellent storage bag. It’s all well produced. There are even a few space containers on the sides and one on the roof.

Overall, this tent is highly recommended. It’s lovely, convenient, and well-made.

HuiLingYang Instant 4 Person Pop Up tent

Key feature:


Automatically pop up tent


Waterproof polyester PU coated


Light weight & solid materials

It comes in a beautiful waterproof cover with an easy handle to carry. The cover actually goes over the whole tent, but it can also be staked out to keep the shoes dry but outside your tent.

The features include air vents, large, sturdy poles that easily fold and fold with ease. It’s set in minutes, and it’s an excellent value for this price! That waterproof bag is a great touch and keeps the tent dry.

It fits in a carrying bag and is easy to carry and lightweight.

This item comes with a portable holding bag that will automatically pop up after removing the installation, its safe hanging from the packaging. Two side mesh windows let fresh air in, but holding out the bugs. It’s essential for children to avoid the mosquitoes biting them.

It has a beautiful double door design that offers privacy and crosses ventilation. It fits entirely with our community (2 adults, two children). My children enjoyed and used this tent indoors. Now in the coming summer, we can’t expect to go shopping and spend it on the beach. 

I enjoy this tent totally, it’s impressive, and it’s convenient. It’s a lightweight w. It prevents the rain out as well. This tent has plenty of space and looks long-lasting. It has a small storage space.

This tent is an excellent value. The tent has plenty of security from doors, likely excellent from mosquitoes, but it also gives NO water stream and warm inside tent-like in haven.

The windows and doors are close to providing privacy or opening for a nice breeze and have a mesh that keeps out bugs.

It comes with ground stakes and rope for windy conditions. I will probably get sturdier stakes. Overall, the purchase was worth it & I recommend this product. Side note: In addition to recreational use, this is a nice addition to have for emergency situations.

It comes for windy conditions with ground stakes and rope. I’m probably going to get a more sturdy stake. Overall, it valued the purchase and I recommend this product. Side note: this is a nice addition for emergency situations in addition to recreational use.  


This is great! You don’t need to set it up, you need to bring it out of the bag, and it’s going to set up automatically! To fold it down, very simple, too. I’ve been looking for this kind tent for a long time! This is the correct thing I need to do. It’s also very space-saving, very lightweight! It’s a wonderful thing.

Coleman 4 Person Pop Up Tent

Key feature:


4 Person Pop Up Tent


Center height 3 ft. 4 in.


Weight 7.07 pounds

It is our most fabulous buy of outdoor equipment ever!! Setting up lasted 1 second-just unlock it and move out of the way. And folding requires1 minute.

The tent pops up in less than a minute. You hold it at the perimeter of the tent with metal stakes that you pass through loops. I rapidly threw a weight into my bed pad and sleeping bag, and I was happy that the stuff was bug-proof once. It zipped as I had sat in Mosquito Central.

Probably the tent can fit two adults and a kid. It would be a great tent on a backyard sleepover for a passel of children. I wouldn’t suggest it for heavy-duty camping.

The tent itself is relatively durable even though we haven’t faced any inclement conditions whatsoever. I’m interested to see how it’s going to do in a rainstorm, but I’d suggest that you keep a tarp just in emergencies.

The zippers are tight, but the fabric is relatively durable. Take time to ensure that you carefully close them by pulling the fabric together during the process.

During the trip, the ventilation was fantastic. We were allowed to use the protected roof to take off the rain fly. The ground is sturdy, but I would suggest using a tarp below to avoid harm to the tent’s underside.

I am very amazed and pleased to see the rain-fly in the tent already. After the tent opens up, no need to bring the rain fly on. It arrived with the pre-set rain fly and prepared to go. It remained warm inside and text in the wind and rain.

Best of all, the inside remains dry in moderately heavy rain with proper clipping and guy-lining.

It was a bit harder to put the tent back in the bag, but with a bit of practice, it wasn’t a problem. Make sure you do this carefully.


Love this tent. The tent set up quickly and came down quickly. The inside is huge! We fit in comfortably with three adults and two kids inside. The ventilation is all right with the rain fly on.