A few weeks ago, one of our colleagues went camping, and he thought he chose the best tent for camping with a dog. But he didn’t make the trip successful as his tent wasn’t stable and durable enough. So we are here to guide you to make your trip successful with your dog.

Camping is the best outdoor activity to spend your leisure time. For your company, you go with your friends, family, or pet dog. So when you go with friends’ family you normally use a backpacking shade for cycle touring, car camping, or other outdoor adventure. But when you go with a dog, choose a tent with a pet-friendly design. Here we will write about the 5 best tents for camping with a dog.

What to consider before buying a Fido-friendly tent?

It is the most essential equipment for camping. When you go with a dog, some issues you must consider. Like:

• Spacious: the first thing how space you need. Are you going alone with a dog or a group of friends? Also, how large is your dog – small, medium, or big? It is obvious that the tent fills up quickly with sleeping bags and other necessary items. Choose a spacious  so that your dog can walk around, and you also stretch out.

• Durable material:  choose tents that are formulated with durable material to make it dog-friendly. Thin fabric tears easily with the dog nails, so choose thick layer fabric.

• Ventilation: a well-ventilated shade is required for camping with a dog. Choose a tent with calling vents, windows, and a big door.

• Security: consider carefully that the door is closed correctly and securely. Also, the windows zip nicely. Otherwise, you will feel the risk that your dog will run out.

• Dark-colored : your dog may come with dirt or waste. So in dark color, the mark will be less visible.

Below we suggest the 5 Tent for dog camping that will help you to have a successful camping trip.

Wenzel Klondike best tent for camping with a dog

Key feature:


Removable Rain Fly


Steal and Fiberglass Poles


Height: 78 inches


2 Doors, 6 Windows


A large front screen room

Wenzel Klondike tent is eligible for camping with a dog. The measure of the base is 16 ft. x 11 ft. Here 8 people can sleep. As you go with a dog, take fewer people of less than 8. There is a screen room of 60 square with a zip-up wall where you and your dog can chill out. The center height is 6.5 feet so that you can stand up straight.

It has enough ventilation. It has two mesh windows and a mesh roof. Mesh windows and roof keeps out the bugs and provides nice airflow. There is a mesh ground vent too for a ground breeze. It contains durable materials. There are used Weather Armor polyester fabric with a polyurethane, which has a water-resistant coating. The fabric protects from top to bottom. The Double-stitched, lap-felled seams throughout the shelter are more strong that the effect against water. 

The Klondike tent comes with a fiberglass frame and utilizes Power Corners so that the tent doesn’t lose stability in high winds. However, there is an inverted T style door for easy entrance, two hanging pockets, and a removal rainfly. 

• Spacious: This is spacious, and you can stay comfortably with your dog.

• High ceiling: For 6.5 feet Center height, you can stand up straight.

• Good airflow: with two windows and a mesh roof, you feel cool on summer days

.• Durable: It has polyester fabric with a fiberglass frame, so it is strong enough.

• Waterproof: It is fully coated with water-resistant materials. Also, the seams and zippers are treated as it doesn’t let water in.

• Screen room: you can use the screen room to pass the leisure time.

• It takes time to set up.

• No electric port system.

Wenzel Klondike is the best tent with dogs. Because it is strong and durable. The Wenzel offers a 10 years warranty against defects. So it is obvious that the tent is really good.


How tough is it to install?

It’s not difficult in any way. You can do it with one individual. However, two is ideal.

Is it possible to mount a little a/c unit?

No ac unit required. The outdoor tents have excellent vents as well as home windows all over it that can be sealed so you can sleep limited. Or have ventilation if needed.

Can you fit a pick-up vehicle in the shade?


Please inform me of the storage space size.

Approximate 3 feet long 1 to 1.5 foot wide1 foot high. In a very excellent storage bag which takes care.

 Evanston best tent for camping with a dog

Key feature  :


Spacious 6 person


Screen Room & Storage Pockets


Center height 5-foot 8-inch


The vestibule is so beautiful.


Windproof up to 35+ MPH winds.

The Coleman dome tent is well-designed and ideal for vehicle camping or camping with your dog. It includes an adjoining screen room that may be used as an extra sleeping place for you or your dog. It is spacious, with a base of 10 by 9 feet, a screen chamber measuring 10 x 5 feet, and a central height of 5 feet 8 inches. For someone who is tall, the center height can be an issue.

It has a free design, and you can set up a tent with the rainfly under 15 minutes. It has Insta-Clip pole attachments and pole sleeves. This is completely waterproof with the WeatherTech system. Protected seams, zipper protection, and strong wind frame make the tent strong to face the intense situations.

Extended awnings on the windows let you open the windows in the rain and enhanced air circulation without allowing the water in. The fabric is made of polyester taffeta 75D. So the tent is durable enough, and it will not easily tear with your dog nails.

• Spacious interior: you will get a roomy tent with the base and screen room together. 6 people will fit comfortably.

• Easy set up: with the sang free design, It can set in 15 minutes.

• Completely waterproof: with WeatherTech technology, it is fully waterproof.

• Window Awnings: extended awnings provide air circulation on rainy days, and water can’t enter.

• Durable: strong fabric and poles keep you safe in extreme weather.

• Low center height: the center height is 5.8 ft. So for tall guys, it can be an issue.

Coleman dome tent provides you a secure and comfortable camping trip. This is a three-season tent and gives full weather protection. It also has mesh pockets and removal rainfly. The tent comes with a bag for easy carrying.


Is there a rain fly in this shelter?

It includes the rain fly.

Where is the port of electrical access?

It is where all the zippers fit together and have some room that can never be completely zipped.

Is this shade produced in the United States? If not, where would it be?

Yes, all the products of Coleman are made in America.

Does the screened area contain a floor?

Yes, Great place for kids to love it and so on to leave your shoes, etc.

OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent

Key feature:


The poles are high quality


Super easy to put up and take down


Huge area


Perfect doors and windows


Nice sturdy and roomy.

Ozark trail 10 person tent is truly perfect for a big family. The dimensions are L 21′ X W 15′. It is divided into two walls that create 3 rooms. In the case of privacy, this is best for family members. There are 3 doors. One center door and two doors on each side so that you can get easily in and out of the tent. It also offers added more privacy for the members on camping. As It is so spacious, your dog can walk inside the room. The most exciting part is the dog crate inside the tent with room to spare.

The center height is 6.5, so you don’t need to scroll inside the room. It has a perfect ventilation system. The six windows and two side doors let the cool breeze in and warm air out. Windows and doors of a panoramic view of nature. There are small pockets to keep small items like mobile keys. This is made of polyester taffeta and polyurethane coating on the floor. The polyester mesh secures you from bugs. The fiberglass pole frame protects you from harsh situations. This comes with a removable rainfly that saves you from water. There is an E-port system to bring electricity inside the body.

• Three rooms: It can be divided into three rooms that added more privacy between the members.

• Spacious: It is so roomy that two or three queen size airbeds can be fixed

.• Durable fabric and poles: the waterproof fabric, ground vent, and poles are durable that it lasts longer.

• E-port system: you can bring electric power inside the room.

• Great Ventilation: there is great airflow maintenance inside the shade.

• The shelter is not fully waterproof.

Ozark can be an amazing camping tent with a dog and your family. It is a spacious tent and contains some easy fixing systems. You can carry it easily with the carry bag. You can make a better outdoor trip with Ozark.


Is this waterproof?

You can use this it in a high-wind severe thunderstorm and not a single drop of water enters in.

Does the shade have an E port?

An E port is a small covered opening in the wall of the tent that allows you to insert an extension cord for electricity. The cover does not allow rainwater to enter into the shelter.

Does it have a rain fly?

 It has a rain fly.

Does this protect from mosquitoes?

I believe it does, When we opened the gates to prevent attracting mosquitoes, we kept the light off and that worked. Also, Windows have mesh to keep them out.

Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent

Key feature:


6 person dome


WeatherTec system


Durable Poly guard fabric


Color-Coded Poles & Storage Pockets


Extra ventilation & E-Port

The Coleman Steel Creek tent is suitable for 6 person. The dimensions with the screen room are 10 x 9 feet. With comfort, it features a separate screen room. You can spend time and enjoy the natural beauty without bugs or other insects. You can also sleep here at night during the warm season.

It has a Fast Pitch system and snag-free Insta-Clip suspension. You can set up a it in around 7 minutes. The color coated poles make your fixing task easier. It is faster than others. The wind-responsive frame is redesigned for more durability. The poly guard fabric and strong frame give you protection season after season.

As well as the Coleman tent also has WeatherTech technology for more safety and water resistance. The windows have extended awnings for the rainy season. However, there are illumine reflective guy lines that offer greater visibility at night so your dog can notice properly the tent. Also, there are storage pockets and rainfly. The E-port system provides electrical power inside the room.

• Fastpitch system: you can set it in 7 minutes with this system and the color-coded pole makes it easier.

• Illumiline reflective guy lines: it provides great visibility at night so you won’t face problems in the dark.

 • Wind responsive: The frame is tested to withstand 35+ MPH winds so it is given full protection in the windy condition.

• E-port: for routing electrical power E-port helps you and it can round out this shade.

• WeatherTec system: this offer seal out water to keep you and your gear dry in the rainy season. The included rainfly gives extra protection against rugged weather situations.


• Low Center height: the center is 5ft 8in so for tall people it may create issues.


You can have a wonderful time with the Coleman Steel Creek tent. It is an ideal camping tent for a dog. The tent has a carry bag for storage or transportation.


Is this shelter designed with a tub floor?

It has a ground layout for the bath. Plastic woven. So far, given some really bad rain and wind storms, we have remained wet in it. All the seams I closed, just to be secure.


How fast is it setting up? Can an individual do it easily?

It’s quite self-explaining. In about five minutes, you can put it up alone. You’re not going to be disappointed.


Is it really hot under the sun with the blackout technology?

It will be somewhat cooler with the blackout tech, you still would want a little breeze.


How many pockets are there for phones or accessories?

There are two. You can use for phone & accessories.


NTK INDY GT European design 4 to 5 person tent

Key feature:


Simple to set up


Nano-flex fiberglass poles


Micro Mosquito Mesh


Weight: 11lbs

NTK has provided innovative and high-quality products for many years. NTK comes with Indy GT tents that are durable, and waterproof. The tent belongs to European design. The floor size with the screen room is 12.8ft x 8ft with one door.

 The tent has a double layer of 190T polyester laminated with polyurethane. There is a 2500mm water column rainfly that gives full coverage on rainy days as well as hot days. The rainfly has a thermoplastic coating that offers UV protection. In-floor fabric, there is used heavy-duty anti-fungus polyethylene with a silver-coated material. The floor fabric is seamless and durable, which prevents leaks and keeps you dry and protected. On the floor, there is also CPAI-84 fire-retardant materials.

It has extra thick Nano-flex fiberglass poles that connect with double gold chrome plated ferrule hardware and robust elastic. So the tent is strong and sturdy. It comes with a freestanding design that can assemble and disassemble in a short time. For ventilation, there are used Ultra-thin NO-SEE-UM polyester micro-mesh fabric that let the air inside and keeps away insects.

• Great design and quick assembly: It contains a European design that is attractive. You can set it quickly with the free-standing poles.

• Completely waterproof: double layer of 190T polyester laminated with polyurethane fabric made it waterproof.• Strong poles: the frame features with extra thick Nano-flex technology and has fiberglass materials that make the tent durable and wind-resistant.

• Micro-Mesh walls: Ultra-thin NO-SEE-UM polyester micro-mesh fabric provides you much ventilation.

• Heavy-duty floor: heavy-duty anti-fungus polyethylene floor prevents leaks and keeps you dry.

• Not specious as described: space may not fit for 4 or 5 people as they described.

To create long-lasting memories outdoors camping with a dog in tent NTK is a perfect choice. It will protect you in every situation hot, rain and wind. The weight is light and you can carry it with a bag easily. It has high-quality materials and it lasts longer.

Final Verdict

When you choose the best tent for camping with a dog, consider the facts that we described earlier as your dog didn’t face any trouble. We suggest those tents that belong to a well-known brand and are trending for many years. They provide high-quality tents that make your trip memorable and enjoyable.