We’ve already covered how to choose the best cabin tent. So now let’s talk about the best cabin tent that offers Convenient, Sturdy build, plenty of ventilation & roomy.

Tents arrive in many shapes and sizes; each has its own positive and negative characteristics. Some tent is costly, while others are inexpensive. For you, the most beautiful canvas will rely on what you need from a shelter, and how much cash you’re prepared to invest. Most people who like camping in the summertime. With a tent-like, this one while other campers may be tempted to go with one of those extreme heat covered rooms at severe hot conditions.

CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent (Wine)

Key feature CORE of 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent :


Center Height: 72"


Instant 60 Second Setup


1 Year Limited Warranty


Includes rain fly, tent stakes, and carry bag


Gear loft with lantern hook

The setup is a snap. It’s super easy. You can do it with two people but can be done by one easily. It is an effortless setup and to take down especially when you consider the size of this tent. We had up and staked in less than ten minutes, including the rain fly.

Generally, This tent is fantastic. You can camp alone or with one other person, and there’s plenty of space in here for a full-size air mattress, clothes, gear, can put a couple of chairs in here and a small table, it’s a lot of room for six people — another essential thing the 6′ ceiling and being able to stand up straight inside.

Furthermore, CORE tent works perfectly as an indoor cabin. It was effortless to set up (my husband did it with no troubles), and it is large enough to accommodate two computer desks and chairs and an infrared heater. We did put a blanket over the top to keep more heat in (as it is designed to vent hot air) and now it is like a toasty igloo. We were able to set it up where our forced hot air vent in the floor is situated right by the venting flap, and that makes it even warmer.

I especially love that the door is not centered since we put up a queen air mattress and you can then walk in the tent without having to walk on an air mattress. I found was that there were no little ties to roll up the windows, though I’m guessing it’s because they’re reasonably short window flaps.

There’s room for a chair and a bed and a suitcase and a table and gear. And, best of all, I can walk around in it.

Furthermore, The outdoor tent has three superb home windows nevertheless I desire there is a narrow reviewed house window high up (at the minimal 5′ 3″ high) to permit winds stemming from the north wall surface area to enter The wind is not blowing from west to eastern or eastern to west yet from northbound. So it was comfy inside throughout the summertime day.

The location within was comfortable for a solitary person as I had an exterior camping chair; a twin-sized bed-mat, in addition to additionally my knapsack. 2 individuals will be terrific. Six individuals might suit there without points in it along with furthermore without stabbing their arm joints right into each various other.

Placing the exterior camping tents up is extremely simple; it is as fast as marketed when you have some approach. So it’s instead well taken care of down when you completed with them, it appears like it should deal with the wind rather well.

I remember another tent I used to have was much higher, which reduced the strain of bending over or squatting to fiddle with the zipper. I loved the organizer net that I could put on the wall, convenient (I’m a professional organizer, so this was like a huge bonus!).


Besides, this tent has a lot of windows, even two home windows on the front side, including the door. Plus the whole top is harmonizing if you leave the rainfall fly off after that something I ‘d never had in an outdoor tent before, floor vents. If you go someplace where there’s a bit of a breeze, air ought to flow with this tent quite well. Regrettably, where I was camping my initial day out, there was little wind.

Rain flap is a great design. I had no leaks during a storm (of course things get damp just from the moisture) with my windows slightly opened on the top. With this rain flap design, I can leave it on when there is a chance of rain; I still have plenty of airflow with open windows, vent, etc. as long as I am nearby. I have used it four times now (I just got back from a week of primitive camping in it) and I can’t say enough beautiful things about this tent.

An excellent quantity of air ventilation and also home windows, the storage space “shelf” that is on the back wall surface of the outdoor tents was a remarkable thing to have. We put a queen blow-up mattress on the left side of the canvas as well as a folding chair on the ideal side. Storage pockets were extraordinarily impressive and also sensible.

When it is not raining – love the mesh ceiling to look at the stars. The rain fly is super simple to install as well, and we had two days of rain while camping and nothing wet. Again – a genuinely great tent from camping enthusiasts.

I’ve had an outdoor camping tent with a ceiling set up shelf before as well as this had one also. Nonetheless, this one also has a mesh equipment catcher across the back wall surface of the outdoor camping outdoor tents, which is helpful for things. You can place a tablet computer in one and likewise, lay on the bed and appreciated a film while going to rest. Furthermore stashed my phone, secrets, pocketbook, as well as adding the container of water.


The floor is pretty thin, and Door Zipper is complicated and gets snagged easily.

With this short rainfly, I’m wary of the chilly climate and the rain. We often lodge nearly 30 degrees in the autumn. Does anyone have experience with this?

It is not a 4 season camping tent. The rain fly gives pretty good protection, but if it’s gusty, gusty rainfall, there might be some leak. For better rain protection, you could always put tarp over it. It has vent flaps on the sides for fresh air which might make it a bit cold if it’s too chilly outside. To me, 30 degrees isn’t regrettable, yet without understanding your tolerance, I’d have a difficult time suggesting it or otherwise suggesting it. I am VERY pleased with the camping tent overall. I hope this helps.


Can this be set up by one person?

Yes, it is very easy to install with 1 person and only takes 5 to 10 mins.

What is the tent material made of?

The body of the tent and the rain fly are polyesters covered in a waterproofing treatment, the windows are mesh, and the floor is polyethylene (PE).

Does this have a divider to make it 2 rooms?

Doesn’t come with divider, but has the inside frame you could hang lightweight plastic from.

Do we need to buy a separate rain fly for this tent?

No, you don’t need to. It comes with one.

Coleman Tenaya Cabin Tent 

Key feature of Coleman Cabin Tent :


Free Shipping


Room divider included for privacy


Weather Tec system


Color-Coded Poles & Storage Pockets


Wind-Strong Frame & Waterproof Floors

You can stand up in it. The ceiling is super high. Laugh at all the other dome tents that require crawling into, that you might be able to stand just in the middle awkwardly!

The dimension mentions that it’s a 6-person tent; however, we can have conveniently healthy six people easily and still have walking space. Some camping tents specify they are for six people and they are loaded in there like sardines. Likewise, being 5′ 9″, I am still able to fully stand in this camping tent, which made it substantially much more comfortable to set up camp inside as well as change when required.

There is no magic button to have the outdoor tents established itself up, yet this is relatively uncomplicated once you mastered it. Some smaller sized poles did not have directions, but you can think where they go, based on their size (doors, closets).

This camping tent is very comfortable, sturdy, as well as convenient for a weekend (or longer) camping trip. The reflectors on the canvas made it much easier to locate at night with the flashlight. The little cubbies are great for maintaining your bags off the beaten track if you want more room in the tent. The door has a pole in it where you can utilize it like a genuine door, where you open and close it with a Velcro strap. You can, of course, fully zoom it during the night also like any various other outdoor tents if requirement be.

This tent is the perfect size for two queen size air beds. I am very skeptical about the “cabinets” and their function, but I am impressed! They provided just enough storage to keep bags out of the main floor space, and the “shelves” came in handy to keep clothes and phones high and dry.

The door is one of the very best functions, in my opinion. Poles go with the joint of the door around the zipper component, developing a wooden door instead of the traditional flap. It made entering and even out a wind.

The door is wonderful. Going in and out of the tent has never been easier. It acts stiff like a hinged door would make quick pops in and out so much easier than with a floppy zipper door. It, of course, does have a zipper the whole way around (which works smoother than my other cheaper tents) with flaps to block the rain.

Not only is the door action flawless, but I was also impressed with how it kept bugs out without using the zipper. While we zipped up when not using it for extended periods, we could easily rely on the Velcro and stiffness popped up under the rain flaps to make a reasonably decent seal. It wouldn’t keep tiny crawly bugs out, but it does a good job keeping flying insects out.

The windows in this thing are fantastic. There’s like seven of them, and they zip up and down as panels. They’re great to gaze out of on a lazy afternoon. They work well to keep the rain out, too.

The rain fly (roof) also works well. Although it seems like it doesn’t cover much but the top, it doesn’t need to do much more. We didn’t even use the rope tie-downs for it – the velcro seemed to keep it plenty taut. We had moderate short bouts of rain overnight, and it is 100% dry inside.

The closets do add a nice bit of space, though they look a bit weird on the 6-person version. They’re careful to shove things out of the way. There’s so much space in this tent compared to other tents.


Does it come with the rain flag?

Yes, it does.

Can this fit two queen air mattresses?

Yes, it fits 2 queen air mattresses with about a 2 ft to spare. Love this tent.

How is this tent in the rain? Does the fly keep all water out?

Out of all of the times we’ve used our tent it has only rained once. We had no water in the tent the next day. We love this tent. We are rock climbers and it fits us and our gear with tons of extra space and has had no issues with it.

Would this tent be good for camping on the beach for a weekend in Texas?

Yes. We camp everywhere in Northern CA. It gets really cold and foggy in some places and it is perfect. We love this tent!

Is it easy to walk and stand up in?

6-foot man can easily stand up with no problem

Coleman 4-Person Cabin Tent 

 key feature of Coleman 4-Person Cabin Tent :


Instant tent sets up


Weather Tec system


6-foot center height


2 storage pockets


Dark Room Technology

This Coleman Instant Tent is so easy to assemble and disassemble. I can set it up in minutes. Taking it down and rolling it up tightly enough to fit in the storage bag takes a few more minutes. I use three small bungee cords to roll it up nice and snug. The rain fly accessory that goes along with the tent needs to be purchased to keep the rain, dirt, and sun off the top of the canvas. That too is easy to assemble, and I keep my tent stakes and hammer in the zippered storage bag for the rain fly. There was plenty of space.

The main reason I purchased this camping tent is as a result of its size as well as the convenience of setup. I am 6’6″ tall, so smaller sized canvas shown anyone else produces an uneasy night. The size and size are lengthy sufficient to suit me, even when resting at the sides. It is high enough that I can at the very least, stand up while leaning over merely a bit. I can not completely stand up in it. However, I do not have to crouch down on my knees to move around in it.

As always, the number of people claimed is accurate so long as everyone is willing to be cozy. For two adults and two kids, I’m sure it will work fine, so long as no one is known for rolling around in their sleep. A queen-sized air mattress fits fine with a little floor space to spare. Camping solo with a folding metal cot is a pleasure.

The tent itself is spacious. My hubby is 6′ 3″ as well as he could stand inside the tent. We additionally fit a queen-sized air cushion, our bags, and had room left over. (We wish this will be our camping tent for the future, AKA with kids).

There are two big pouches inside concerning mid-high to store small products, so they don’t obtain shed in the outdoor tents. There is one loophole in the facility of the ceiling that lanterns, and so on can hook from if you have the appropriate hook or bungee.

Another critical point tent cleverly designed. The 1-minute setup claim is pretty accurate (not including the 1st attempt). The only caveat and this is far from a “real” problem, is that it’s easy to put your fingers in the wrong place (near the peak) while folding/collapsing the tent. After being careless once, you’ll remember.

The 4-Person outdoor tents are incredibly roomy inside. You can use a queen size air mattress, and a milk dog crate shook up beside the bed mattress for a night table. The bed mattress and the pet crate use up the width of the outdoor tents, yet both make bedtime very convenient and also comfortable. I’m 5′ 6″ and can not stand straight inside the camping tent. However, I can stand with my head curved, which is far comfier than crawling around the within of a low dome tent.

It has beautiful windows and a breathable top (meaning it has two “popup” vents, that use reinforced velcro “stands” to pop them up). The windows are enormous, and every wall has one. They zip from the top, down, so if you only want them partway, you unzip and fold the unzipped part back into the window.

However, it will not fit two queen mattresses as it a seriously laughable claim! We purposely ordered this tent just for the two of us on a queen mattress and our little dog, so this is not a worry, but if you’re trying to do fit two queens or 6 people – consider a bigger tent. With the one queen mattress, we had enough space for our bags and a couple of things which was beautiful and it felt spacious. Our shelter also came in orange and taupe, which is fine (i like it better than the blue and gray pic), but just something to note as well.

The material is water-resistant, not waterproof. It rained hard for about 30 min, and water did go in, a few drops toward the edges of the floor (not at the center of the tent). I might not have done the best job setting the shelter, and I probably need to stretch a bit better. When it rained water accumulated at the bottom of the sides where the tent was wrinkled and s few drops came in.

At my age, the fact that it was supposed to be easy to set up was very appealing. It have not all the bells and whistles like some of the other new tents w/ their attached screen porches, electrical capabilities, many inside pouches, etc. but in the end, I went with it.


I love the vents on top and the large windows all around. I also bought the rainfly, and although it is smaller than I am used to, only covering the very top of the windows, it looks sufficient. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet as we still have snow on the ground here, so I will update this later when I do use it. In the meantime, I will waterproof it as I always did with my other tent.

You can also buy an indoor-outdoor carpet inside to discover that it helps to maintain the form and make it more convenient.



Ozark Trail 10-Person Family Cabin Tent

Key feature Ozark Cabin Tent :


Full coverage fly


Includes One Queen and One Twin air mattresses


3 Room tent

I am very impressed with the high quality of the poles and connection points. My only concern so far is for one of the seams where the large poles (main cabin area) goes in. Where it double seems at the floor, the stitching stretched quite a bit. I am not convinced it won’t tear out after a few uses. But I could very well be wrong.


I can stand up in the middle and extend my arm over my head before my hand touches the top (inside). It is THAT tall. LOVE it. Of course, it slopes down to either end.but there is still ample room for a cot. The design even allows for some headroom.

In other words, I can get the rain fly on by myself also, without too much fuss. I left it up for over three days and for one of those it rained quite hard. The morning after the rain, I found a little water inside. BUT…I discovered it was my fault. First of all, I expected SOME water with that much rain, because I haven’t sealed the seams, and the directions for the product suggest doing so since it isn’t waterproof. Where it leaked, was at either end, at the base of the sloping doors. When I finished setting it up, I had two extra stakes that I couldn’t figure out where they went. WELL…they were supposed to pull the door covers on the ends away from the mesh screen underneath.

There is a tiny area before you go to the main door that would be good for a mat for your shoes, so you don’t track in dirt. The floor is the light color, so I would imagine it will show dirt. It is going to be used the weekend of June 3 so will know more if it is waterproof and holds up after camping with friends and a bunch of kids.

It is tall enough we could stand up inside it. The ventilation is excellent. It has plenty of places to zip down to allow air to flow through or zip up when it gets colder. We had plenty of room for our air mattress. It has the partitions to divide the tent into 3 “rooms.” It has a place in front of the door to take your shoes on and off. So you don’t track into the tent.

You see, with these non-waterproof tents, any point where the fabric touches something, you have a potential for leaking. By not staking the lower portion of the doors away from the mesh, it created a large surface that was in contact with the screen underneath. I’m surprised it didn’t leak more.

I think that most of the leakage complaints are coming from people that did the same thing. My only fault to the manufacturer would have to be that they aren’t clear enough in their instructions as to where the stake-down points are. It should be included in the diagram to assure nothing missed. (the loops are black and blend in with the lower portion of the tent and are easy to miss).

It is glorious — roomy, comfy w/little extras. We put a twin bed mattress on one side with lots of room left in that “room.” We put two outdoor recliners, on the other hand, with lots of room left over, and all our “stuff” in the middle part with lots of room left over. Granted there were only 3 of us, but we could easily have accommodated others.

We could stand up w/no problem in the middle “room.” We did hang one curtain to give a sense of separate rooms. After all, one of us is a teenager, and I’m not saying which one. It wasn’t rainy, so we left the rain cover off the top and could gaze at the glorious heavens above us. We haven’t been through bad weather in it yet, but we endured a fair amount of west Texas wind putting it up and had no issues. We all 3 love it and would buy it over and over again.

The tent is great! It has plenty of room for a family of 4 + stuff. The name suggests room for ten, but that’s only for ten people lying shoulder to shoulder with no extra room, so keep that in mind. Set up and tear down are comfortable, a single person can do it alone, but two people and recommended for setting up.

Finally, this was perfect for our youth group camp-out. It comfortably fit six people with plenty of room for more. We can look at the stars and not get bug bites. It also ventilates well with all the mesh, which was much appreciated.



Are there any organizer pockets on the inside of the tent in the small rooms?

There are two. One in each “room”. They are small, and no zippers, but they function well for cell phones or snacks, earbuds, tablets, whatever the kids put in them. They’re probably (without opening the tent up) 10-inch x 10 inches.

Are the poles fiberglass?

The main four are metal and the others are the standard tent poles you get in any other tent.

Does the tent come with poles?

Yes, it comes with everything you need to set it up.

What is the weight of a tent?

Here are the weights for the Zion tent:

  • Footprint w/carrying sack: 10.3 oz.
  • Everything except footprint: 5 lbs. 7.8 oz.
  • Stakes, guy lines, and stake pusher: 6.8 oz.
  • Poles: 1 lb. 3.7 oz.
  • Rain fly: 1 lb. 14.9 oz.
  • Tent Body: 1 lb 14.4 oz.
Is it free standing?

Yes, it can be assembled with just the screen, just the fly or both.

Wenzel Kodiak 9 Person Tent

Key feature:


??Free Shipping


2 doors/2 vestibules


Color coded fiberglass pole


Weight: 19.2 pounds

It has suitable cubby holes to put gear and clothes. The two rooms are vast and roomy. We used one as an entertainment area and the other for sleeping. The material quality was good, and about average for this type of tent.

Excellent Material: We set this thing up in the desert, with rocks beneath us and sticks. No rips, no tears, nothing.

Huge: So much room and it even came with extra storage pockets to hang our stuff.

The first thing to remember that this outdoor tent is terrific since you don’t feel claustrophobic when you tip within. It has an extensive, straightforward, square flooring strategy which is excellent. The wall surfaces do not incline into the point of making the outer sides of the floor pointless the way dome outdoors tents do as well as my 6 foot four other half can walk comfortably around inside the whole outdoor tents without quitting. If you like a house away from home when you’re camping this tent is for you. Also, when the rain fly is gotten rid of the whole ceiling of the camping tent supplies a terrific view of the skies, while still providing you privacy. I like this camping tent!

On the other hand, The tent is very roomy and had a proper height (I’m 6’2 and could stand straight up in the canopy with no problem). On the next day, it started raining reasonably substantial for about 30 minutes. Water only got in the tent because I left one of the windows partially open. Once I closed it, we stayed parched. It also went through about 15MPH winds and did well once I put the remaining stakes in the ground. I’d recommend this tent to anyone.

Just finished the maiden camping voyage with this tent, and very much enjoyed the experience. Height and size of the tent were terrific – I’m 6’4″, and was looking for a home away from home where I could change clothes without feeling like I was in a cocoon. Liked the fit and finish of the tent, as well – zippers were smooth, window placement and function were great, the material felt like higher quality and seems as though it’s going to last.

We had two children on air mattresses and two adults on twin 18″ mattresses. I had hoped to use the room divider to separate us from the kids, but we wanted the room to walk between the two twin mattresses for late-night bathroom trips so one the bed prevented this. We secured the divider back with a tie provided on each side, and the hung like a pulled back curtain. There was plenty of extra room for all the kid’s toys and our clothes bags.

One star removed due to a large amount of noise in the tent on a few windy nights. Perhaps that’s just a fact of life with a canvas this large but made for lots of interrupted sleep.

Oh my goodness it’s nice to walk around inside of a tent, I’m 6’2″ and can walk around in here no problem, floor print is including the vent/storage compartments, measures 14×12 usable area, I scotch guarded everything at home while I tested pitching. I can put this up and down by myself, give yourself 30min to 1hr from start to finish with using a tarp floor base, proper staking, and easy-going attitude.

Has a room splitter down the middle between the door and window you see in the pic, there are 2 small triangle windows on each end, and bottom vents on the backside, the roof is open screen, so the rain fly is needed at night, fits a queen mattress any way in one half, you’ll need about 20 good substantial stakes, the included ones are trash… This tent has been great so far and kept the water out too. I also got some extra paracord to make sure this was secure; we’re used to lots of wind in the desert.



Can you see the stars well through the mesh? (Is that at all possible with mesh tents period?

Sure, it’s just like looking through a screen window.

Does the rain fly allow for access to both doors?

Yes rain fly has access for both doors

Does this tent have a spot to hang a tent light?

Yes, it does! There’s a small hook at the top that will fit a lightweight light. However, if you have the detachable gear loft in place then this blocks the hook, so you have to choose between the two. Keep in mind, there are still small gear pockets on each side corner (4 total), so you still have a bit of space for phones, etc

What is the weight of a tent?

Here are the weights for the Zion tent:

  • Footprint w/carrying sack: 10.3 oz.
  • Everything except footprint: 5 lbs. 7.8 oz.
  • Stakes, guy lines, and stake pusher: 6.8 oz.
  • Poles: 1 lb. 3.7 oz.
  • Rain fly: 1 lb. 14.9 oz.
  • Tent Body: 1 lb 14.4 oz.
Is it free standing?

Yes, it can be assembled with just the screen, just the fly or both.

Does this tent have just one vent or two?

It has two vents, one on each side. They both have velcro to keep them closed and a hard piece of fabric that holds them open. That’s on the rain fly of course. Without the rain fly, the whole thing is mesh for maximum ventilation.

If set up without the rain fly is the mesh sufficient for keeping out mosquitoes and other bugs, aka could the mesh be used just like a bug net?

Absolutely yes, In fact, there are times I set the tent up without the rain fly to enjoy the night sky.