Do you want to buy the 8 person instant tent? Then you will find it here. For camping with family, there is nothing better than an 8 man shade. One should buy the top rated 8 person tent.

For camping, instant shade are best. For family camping, you need to buy the best 8 person instant. There are many kinds of family shade in the market. For example, 8 people pop up, 8 people camping, 8 people instant, 8 person dome, cabin, etc.

What makes a family camping best? In this article, we have discussed everything about the best instant tent. Here we have chosen the 5 best eight-person tents to discuss.

Best instant cabin tent comparison at a glance:

Product NameCenter HeightWeightPrice
Coleman 8 Person Montana  6 ft. 2 in.24.5 pounds$126
Wenzel 8 Person Klondike 6' 6"26.38 lbs$131
CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin 78 inch27.6 pounds
Coleman-Tenaya-8-Person-Camping  6-foot 8-inch 30.8 pounds
TOMOUNT-8-Person 72 inch 18.1 pounds

Coleman Montana Best 8 Person Tent

key feature :


Free Shipping


Good cross ventilation.


74-Inch center height.


One-year warranty


Strong tent pole


Extra weather protection

If you have a large family, there is enough space for you to sleep. Coleman montana 8-person tent is the right choice for you. It is a wide spacious. It has an extra sleeping space. This Coleman Montana has wide angled windows for proper air circulation.

This is made from advanced technology. It has everything you want. If there is rain, close the holes with a rain fly. If you are feeling hot, the broad window will circulate air to refresh your body.


Best fabrics: This Coleman Montana is made from the best quality fabrics. Its cover is made from polyester that gives a strong cover.

Wide area: This provides a large area of 16ft*7ft. This is suitable for a large family picnic.

Water-resistant: This is fully water-proof. It ensures dryness inside the in rainy weather. It is made from special weather-friendly technology.

Easy to use: This Coleman Montana is very easy to use. It can be installed within 15 minutes. Now, you can enjoy the whole day of your trip.

Water –blocking system: Coleman Montana has inverted seams that keep the water away from the coleman instant 8 person tent with rainfly. It also has a rain fly to protect you from rain.

Spacious: This Coleman Montana has enough space for 8 people. This can cover 3 sleeping bag. There is also an extra sleeping place.

Easy to carry: This package offers a wonderful carrier bag. You can easily carry this anywhere.


No electrical-port. So you will be out of contact.

Not suitable for tall people.

The rain fly blocks the air inside. That makes the inside of the shade warmer.


Coleman 2 room camping tent is highly recommended for those who have a large family. This has an extra sleeping space too. The best part of this Coleman Montana is it is water-resistant. You can enjoy family camping trip planner during the rainy season. It has wide windows, a comfortable entry space, and many other facilities. This Coleman Montana also received good ratings on Amazon.


Has it got a door hinged?

It has a hinged door; it finds it good for children to go in and out. If you want to, you can also flap it off.


Is there a rain fly that can be marketed individually?

With it makes the rain fly.

If the snow float is not used, is their security for altering garments etc.?

No, without the rain fly not much privacy. You can flap the back doors, however, and have privacy mostly. This is a fantastic tent.

Is there an electrical entry port or does it not has to take technology into the sunshade?

Yes, that’s it.


Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Tent

The key feature of Wenzel :


Screen porch


Peak Height: 78 inches


2 Doors, 6 Windows


Removable Rain Fly, Storage Bag, Steal and Fiberglass Poles


Instant setup

Wenzel 8 person klondike tent is one of the best quality. It is made from the best fabric. It is so large that you can organize a party there. There is a screen room that can be used as an extra room for emergency use.


Excellent quality: This 8 person tent with screen room is made from the best standard material. The cover is made from polythene. And the frame is made from fiberglass.
Extra room: There is a screen room in this Wenzel klondike shelter. This screen room can be used as an extra sleeping room.

Weather-friendly: This is made for all-weather circumstances. It is water-resistant and wind-resistant. This will keep you safe in heavy storms or rain.

Strong structure: It has a strong structure. It can tolerate heavy wind. You can use it for a long time.

Spacious: This covers a large area. If you have a large family, you can choose this shade without thinking about anything. It can fit two sleeping bag.

Adjustable pockets: It has a built-in storage pocket. So, you can keep the necessary things there.

Proper ventilation: It has two wide windows. These windows ensure proper light and air circulation. You can close the windows. They are zippered.


The fabric is of poor quality.

Not strong enough. It cannot tolerate heavy winds.

Not water-resistant. It leaks water


Wenzel 8 person tent with screened porch is highly recommended for large families. It has a wide area that covers two lightest backpacking sleeping bag. This is strong. It can tolerate heavy rains or winds. The best thing about this Wenzel is the screen room. The screen room can be used as an extra room. This product has received huge appreciation from Amazon.


Does it arrive with a carrying bag?

Yes, it does.

Has this to put the lamp and/or lamp on ceiling?

Yes, that’s it. From the middle of the main tent runs a small ring.

Does the wall on both ends and the front of the door have entrance?

Yeah, it does.

Does the main room of the shade have a room divider?

Not only separated between the principal and the screen rooms.

Is the Rain fly coming with it?

Yes, it arrives with the rain fly.

Would the match of two king’s type mattresses?

 The tent has plenty of space in the primary space for 2 mattresses. This tent is amazing and a great value!

Core 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Key feature CORE :


Sleeps 8 or 9 people; Instant 60 Second Setup


Center Height:78


Electrical cord access port


Room divider features & Large T-Door


Wall storage pockets

CORE is big sized for eight people. It is made from water blocking technology. The door of this shade is unique. It is T-shaped.

Do you want to spend a night under the sky? This has a removable rain fly. You can enjoy a moon-lit night with your family.


Spacious interior: This CORE 8 Person Instant Cabin has a big interior area of 14 ft×9ft. Eight people can easily sleep there.

Water-resistant: This is made from water blocking technology. So, don’t need to worry about the rain. This will keep your 8 person waterproof tent with porch dry in rainy weather.

Easy to set up: This core is a time-saver. It can be installed within a minute. It has telescopic poles that make the setup easy.

Easy to carry: This comes with a nice portable carrier bag. So you can carry this product anywhere.

Removable rain fly: This CORE has a removable rain fly. You can protect it from rain. In the warm season, you can enjoy a moonlit night.

Essential package: This comes with essential things. This package includes a carrier bag, electrical port, rainfly, etc.Its has storage pockets.

Private space: This Core has a room divider too. You can enjoy your private space with your family.

Proper air circulation: It has an advanced air circulation system. This system keeps the inside cool in warm seasons.


This shade is very heavy. You cannot easily carry this anywhere.

The door is very messy. The entry is not comfortable for everyone.


Core 8 person instant cabin tent is highly recommended for those who want a quick installing shelter. This can be installed within minutes. It has a room divider for your private space. The best thing about this is it has a removable rain fly. You can enjoy a moon-lit night with your family. This shade got good ratings on Amazon.



Can this be put up by a individual?

The easiest sunshade I’ve ever put up can be put up in 3-5 minutes by one individual. Super simple.

Does it have the hinged door?

There’s no hinged gate in this shed. It’s a normal smooth gate zipper.

Has the shade for the port of electricity?

Yes, there is an e-port for electrical cable entry between the D Door and the large T gates.

Do you have screen windows?

Yes. A Screen Roof all the way around.

To generate 2 separate rooms, is there a partition?

Yes, there is a space splitter that allows you to have 2 distinct chambers. Worked fantastically with children!


Can all windows/doors be closed?


Yes, for more privacy, each door and window has layers of fabric that can be zipped closed.

Coleman 8-Person Camping Tent

Key feature:


Room for the Whole Family


Quick and Easy to Assemble


Convenient Overhead Storage


In this cabin-style , near-vertical ceilings.


Center height 6-foot 8-inch

Coleman 8-Person Camping Tent is a space-saving. its not a coleman dome tent. It has constructed shelves for keeping your things organized. It has a strong weather-proof frame. So, you don’t need to worry about the weather anymore. You can enjoy camping with your family in any season.

It has a water-proof floor too. It will keep the interior dry in the rainy season.


Space-saver: This has an installed closet to keep your things. Now you can save space inside. Your luggage and clothes will not block any space anymore.

Weather-proof: This Coleman 8 person tent is made from weather-proof technology. This will keep you safe in bad weather.

Essential pockets: This has built-in pockets too. You can keep your essential things in those pockets.

Water-proof floor: The floor space is water-proof. It will keep the interior dry in any season.

Quick setup: This can be installed easily. It has a quick setup mode. This can be installed within 9 minutes. You can enjoy the whole day after a quick setup.

Comfortable entry: This has a hinged door. This door will make your entry comfortable.

Power supply: This Coleman has an electrical port for the power supply. You can recharge your rechargeable stuff.

Private space: This has a room divider for your privacy. You can enjoy your privacy in this Coleman.


This Coleman Montana is very heavy to carry. This cannot be carried everywhere.

The pre attached poles are not strong enough.


Coleman instant 8 person tent is extremely recommended for those who carry a lot of bags on camping. This Coleman has constructed shelves for keeping your things arranged. This is wide and strong. It has weather-proof technology that keeps you safe. This package includes everything. It has a rainfly, electrical port, carrier bag, and whatnot. This has received good reviews on Amazon.


Does it have an extension cord port?

Yeah, it does have an electrical port in the shade.

Is the cover of the window zippered?

Yes, they are.

Is it possible to accommodate 3 full mattresses?

Three single mattresses can accommodate, but it’s a tight fit. You’re not going to have a lot of space for equipment.

What's produced of the shade? Cotton or anything else.

Factory closed surface and float seams imply that in winter hurricanes you will remain dry and safe. The fabrics of covered polyester are safe and strong.

Tomount 8-person tent reviews

Key features:




Mesh roof ceiling


Ventilation & Heat Resistance


Professional Waterproof & Windproof


E-Port for Convenience

Tomount is one of the easiest tent. It has a professionally tested with vestibule. This is enough for 8 people. It takes 10 minutes to set up. What else do you need for a family camping?

This tomount has every single thing you need. It has an electrical port for a non-stop power supply.



Spacious: This is very spacious. It is enough for 8 people. This can fit 3 large beds.

Water-proof technology: This is water-proof certified. It can tolerate heavy rains without any leakage inside. You can enjoy rainy weather in this.

Proper ventilation: This has a large 5 windows. These windows ensure proper air circulation and light inside. The mesh ceiling attached to the windows keeps the insects outside.
Lightweight: This is very light. You can easily carry this shade anywhere. You don’t need to worry about weight while carrying this shade.

Easy set up: It takes very few minutes to be installed. You can easily set up this Tomount within ten minutes. You can easily fold this cheap 8 person tent back.

Power supply: This has an electrical port. This port ensures the power supply inside the body.

Stable: This has a strong structure. This Tomount can tolerate heavy wind. It is stable enough to tolerate heavy wind.


The interior of this is not spacious. It does not provide enough space for 8 people.

There is no pocket for keeping things.


TOMOUNT 8 Person Tent is highly recommended for those who like camping in the rainy season. This is waterproof certified. This is portable. You can easily carry this Tomount anywhere. The most amazing thing about this is it takes less time to set up.


Can I set up it on the beach sand?

Sure, but if it’s windy, the stakes in the sand must be covered. Or you can fill the bags of sand and anchor the stakes to the shelter.

Can this shade sleep up to 9 people?

This is adequately spacious for 9 men.

Can this shade be set up by one camper?

Yes, it does! 

Could you hang in this Tomount lanterns?

Yes,  you hang in this tent lanterns.

Is it nice when the weather is hot?

It will provide shade and five windows, and top meshes are available to boost the ventilation without any external assembly needed.


After 8 person tents reviews, you have known all the pros and cons of these tents. The most important thing is different item has different specialties.

Among these 5 items, some tents have the same features some are different. TOMOUNT  is best for rainy seasons. This package includes an electrical port, a proper ventilation system, and many more. But this does not provide any pockets.

Coleman montana and CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin shade have almost the same features. For example, rainfly, room divider, electrical port, etc. But Coleman takes very few minutes to install. Both of them are weather-friendly shades.

Coleman Montana is also spacious. If you have a joint family you can choose this shade. It is constructed with water-resistant material. But this Coleman does not have any electrical port.

Wenzel 8 person tent with screen room is one of the best family shades. It has storage pockets to manage your camping gear. There is extra sleeping space for an emergency. This fabric is of rich quality.

We hope, this article will help you to choose the 8 person instant tent for your family. After reading the whole article, you will be able to choose the best one for you. For family, you should not compromise with anything. Best of luck!