What can be better than an adventurous night stay in a 6 person tent with family or friends? For enjoying a thrilling night with family you need the best 6 person camping shade . You need to choose then for a great trip.

There are many kinds of 6 person shade with screened porch in the market. Some of them are a pop-up , some of them are a bit roomy, and some of them are costly. After reading the reviews carefully, you have to choose the best 6 person camping tent.

Here, in this article, we have chosen 5 item to discuss.

Best six person tent comparison at a glance:

Item NameCenter HeightWeightPrice
Coleman Evanston Camping 5 ft. 8 in. 20.9 pounds$110
Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person 6-foot 8-inch 32 pounds
Eureka Copper Canyon 6 -Person 7 feet23 pounds, 2 ounces.$304
Kelty Outback Grey 76 inch 16.2 pounds$229
Wenzel Blue Ridge 5 ft 18.13 $98

Coleman 6 Person Tent

The key feature of Coleman :


Enjoy bug-free lounging and extra ventilation


Separate screened room


Storage Pockets


Protected Seams & Wind-Strong Frame


Zipper Protection & Waterproof Floors

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room is a wide spacious . You will enjoy it like it is your little house on your camping trip. Don’t worry about your extra family members and friends. You can enjoy your trip with your full family. It has bent walls which make it look fantastic.

This Coleman evanston 6 person screened tent will give you a heavenly feeling with your family. It has almost everything you want. This package includes a room divider. You can enjoy your private moment in private.


Spacious: This provides a spacious area for the whole family. You can feel like home in this wide area. It covers a wide area of 10×9ft and the height is 5ft 8inches. Tall people can use this without facing any problems.

Water-resistant: It is built with water blocking technology. So you can enjoy adventurous camping in rains too. It is the best all-weather sunshade.

Screen room: This has a screened porch room. You can enjoy your evening tea on this extended room. It can be used for sleeping in the warm season.

Best quality material: This is made from the best quality fabrics. It is made from strong stress-tolerant 75D Polyester.

Proper ventilation: This modern designed sunshade has wide opening windows. These windows will give you soothing cool air in warm weather.

Lightweight: This is 20.9 pounds in weight. It is very light to carry. You can easily carry this 6 person tent with screen room anywhere.

Small size: It becomes very small after folding. You can put this Coleman anywhere.

Rainfly: It has a detachable rainfly to protect you from bad weather. In rains, you can cover it and ensure dryness inside the coleman shade.

Zippered doors: This coleman 6 person instant tent has zippered doors. So you can lock your doors at night and stay protected from wild animals.

Storage management: It has pockets for keeping your necessary things. You can carry your essential things.



Does not provide enough coverage in rains.

Not suitable for tall people.

Not provide enough space as it says.


Coleman is highly recommended for joint families. It provides a huge space for the whole family (enough for 6 people). It has an exclusive dome-shaped design. It has zippered doors with good ventilation. You don’t need to worry about water leakage anymore. It has a rainfly too. The most eye-catching thing about this is its dome-shaped wall design. Two mini families can enjoy using this Coleman Dome with screened porch Room. It can fit 2 large beds.


What kind of poles do you have this?

I was just talking to a delegate from Coleman and he’s got fiberglass poles.


Is there a location in the protected region to put a lamp or lamp in a few fields inside and out!?

The primary room has a roof hook, but nothing to hang in the screened region.

Can this be set up by one individual alone? I'm 5'4 "woman and absolutely not very powerful!

I’m 5’0.” It may be awkward for the first moment, but you can set it up for sure. It’s not that strong.

Is this coming with the fly of rain?

Yes, a rain fly goes along. The only thing about the rain fly is it doesn’t cover the whole door region covered. So, they might get moist if you have stuff in that region. We haven’t used it in a rainstorm yet, so we haven’t been sure of the rain’s seriousness. But it was good for our first evenings.

Coleman weathermaster 6-person screened tent

Key feature Coleman weathermaster:


4 season


Weather Tec system


E-Port & Storage Pockets


Screen porch Room & Hinged Door


Included Rain fly and expandable carry bag

What can be better than a home-like feeling in a wild place? Coleman will make you feel like it is home. This is an exclusively designed. It provides enough space for 6 people. This coleman weathermaster has a home-like all facilities. You can enjoy your evening tea/coffee in the lounge area. It has screen room facilities too.

This is made from the best weather tech system. You don’t need to worry about water leakage anymore.


  • Exclusive home-like design: This coleman instant 6 person tent has all homes like features. You can feel at home in a wild place. It has a broad lounge with screen rooms.
  • Wide area: It has a spacious area of 11×9 feet and 6ft 8-inch height. It is enough for 6 campers. It has enough space for 2 extra-large beds.
  • Extra weather protection: It is made from weather tech technology. It ensures dryness inside the shelter in a rainy season. The floor is water-resistant too.
  • Unique doors: It has bent doors. You can access it comfortably.
  • Storage capacity: It has mesh pockets on the wall. Now, you can carry your necessary things without worrying about storage.
  • Strong frame: It is made from durable materials that make it very strong. Now, you don’t need to worry about heavy wind.
  • Zippered doors: It has zippered doors protection. You can close the door easily.
  • Full coverage: It has layers that give you full coverage in bad weather conditions.


A bit roomy. It does not provide enough space for 6 persons.
It leaks water.

Coleman elite weathermaster 6 person screened tent is extremely recommended for those who want a home-like 6 person shade with porch. It has every facility to make you comfortable. It has a rain fly, electric ports, etc. You can enjoy a lounge area in the screen room. This is weather friendly. Now you can camp with your favorite persons at any season. 

Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Person Tent

The key feature of Eureka :


Wind-Strong Frame


Zipper Protection


Waterproof Floors


6 people


Storage Pockets


Color-Coded Poles

Eureka will make your camping better than ever. It has a perfect area for 6 persons. It has a cabin-like structure. You can enjoy every single moment of your camping trip to this Eureka Copper Canyon Tent. From the power port to the cooking system, it includes almost everything you want.


  • Best quality material: This is made from premium quality fabrics. It is made from a rugged canvas wagon cover.
  • Multiple facilities: Eureka is like a giant magic box. This package includes a cooking system, sleeping bag, etc. every necessary thing you need.
  • Easy to use: This has 9 poles with pole sleeves. It is very easy to set up and folding it back.
  • Lightweight: It is only 23 pounds in weight. You can easily carry it anywhere.
    Exclusive look: It has a fire glass frame that gives it a modern look.
  • Spacious: It has steep bent walls that make the inside area spacious. It is enough for 6 persons.
  • Power supply: It has a zippered e-port. You can charge your cell phones and ensure the power supply in your camping.
  • Secret storage pocket: Eureka Copper Canyon has a secret space for keeping your valuable things closed.


The floor material is of poor quality. It can be damaged anytime.
Frame is not strong enough.


Eureka is highly recommended for those who want to enjoy a long camping period. This 6 person cabin tent includes everything you want. You can enjoy cooking and other fun you crave for. You can take your valuable things at camping. Because It has a secret pocket. It has received a good rating on Amazon.

Kelty Acadia 6-person Tent

Key feature:


Free Shipping


2 doors/2 vestibules


Color coded fiberglass pole


screened room


Weight: 19.2 pounds

Kelty Outback Grey is one of the top 6 person tent with vestibule. It is very simple to use. It offers different storage capacities. It is made from a fiberglass frame. What can be better than this?

Kelty Outback Grey has perfect space for 6 persons. It has a D shaped door for comfortable access.


Storage capacity: It has pockets for keeping your necessary things when it is set up. But you can also carry your necessary things in the guy line packet when it is folded.

Best quality material: Kelty acadia is made from the best quality material. The frame is made from a fiberglass frame.

Comfortable access: It has D shaped doors. You can access easily.

Strong frame: It his made from durable material.It has a strong frame. You can be safe in bad weather.

Easy to set up: It has color designed facilities for easy setup. You can set up within a few minutes.

Extra space: You can create extra space if you need it. It  has a vestibule for arranging extra space.

Zippered doors: It has zippered doors. You can close the doors without making any noise. This feature will keep you safe from wild animals.


It does not have any electric ports. You will be out of the network if your cell phone battery is dead.
it is leaks water.


Kelty 6 person tent screened porch is highly recommended who carries many things camping. It has a storage capacity for keeping everything you need. You can manage extra space if you need it. It also has a strong structure too. Kelty Acadia got many positive reviews on Amazon.

Wenzel Blue Ridge 6 person instant cabin tent

Key feature:


Corded fiberglass frame


Zippered removable Room Divider


Easy to set up


3 windows for great ventilation


Large family camping shade

Wenzel is a very simple design with good facilities. It has 2 large windows for ventilation. You can have enough lights and air inside the this. It is durable. You can use it for years.


Proper ventilation: It is has two large zippered windows for proper ventilation. You can have proper lights inside.

D shaped door: It has a D shaped door for your easy entry. You can expect a comfortable entry for your family members too.

Spacious: Wenzel Blue Ridge is very spacious. It has enough space for seven persons. Its unique frame makes the inside more spacious.

Durable frame: It  has a wind-proof frame. This strong frame ensures your safety in bad weather.

Room divider: It has room divider. You can create two rooms according to your needs.

Durable floor: The floor of this is made from the best quality polythene. This floor will last for years.

Electric port: Wenzel Blue Ridge has an electric port too. You charge your necessary electric things whenever you want.

Rainfly: It has an adjustable fly to protect you from rain.


It  has one door. So the entry of so many members of your family will be messy.
The fly makes inside darker and warm.

Wenzel 6 person tent with screened porch is highly recommended for those who want a strong shade. It is made from strong material. You can use this for years. The best thing about this Wenzel Blue Ridge is that it is fire-proof. This product got many positive reviews on Amazon.

After reviewing all these 5 tents, you have known all the pros and cons of these. The most important thing is different item has different specialties.

Among these 5 products, some have the same features some are different. Eureka! Copper Canyon and Coleman Weather Master have almost the same features. Also, Eureka 6 person tent has all the modern facilities you need. You can cook in this area.

Coleman Dome with Screen Room has a wide area for a big family. It has many facilities like a screen room, rainfly, etc. Kelty is very well designed. It is very easy to use. But both of them do not have any electric ports.

Wenzel is spacious. It has enough space for 7 persons. It has a durable floor with D-shaped doors. But it has one door. So the entry of many persons will be messy.

We hope after reading this article, you will be able to choose the best 6 person tent for your family. Best of luck!