The best 5 person tent is undoubtedly an excellent choice for enjoying happy and comfortable camping with your crazy camper’s group. Without living comfort, camping, or hiking trip can go in vain. It can also be set at your backyard for whole night star gazing or cherishing open sky view. So before leaving for your long-awaited trip or before starting a plan for a night out in the backyard, make sure the quality of your camping trip.
To reduce your time and energy, here we come with some research-based review on the five-person tent. After considering the complete details, you can make your choice easier among the mentioned products below.

Wenzel Pine Ridge : It  is an excellent choice for five people because of its large base area. With a removable fly, it gives protection against water.

HUI LING YANG 4 Person Easy Pop Up : It is a well spacious with the easiest assembling and disassembling feature. With weatherproof capability, this  can give you a happy camping tour.

Texsport 5 Person Headquarters Camo Square : Dome Family Camping Backpacking shade is a family or group-friendly shade. It is a comfort to store and transport this Texsport.

Coleman instant dome 5 person tent with an embedded lighting system is a best waterproof 5 person tent. It offers excellent luxuries with so many comforts. With so many storing capacities, this provides ample space for six people.

TOMOUNT  Five Person : It is the easiest set up shade for five people who hardly need 8 minutes to set it up. With heavy waterproof and heavy windproof feature, this will give you so much space for all five people around.

Best 5 person tent comparison at a glance:

Product NameSleeping CapacityWeightPrice
Wenzel Pine Ridge - 5 campers5 campers11.2 pounds$105
HUI LINGYANG 6 campers Pop UpSleeps 4-6 adults11.68lbs
Texsport 5 Person Backpacking five campers12.6 pounds
Coleman Elite WeatherMaster6 campers42.3 pounds
TOMOUNT 5 Person 5 campers23.6 pounds

Wenzel Pine Ridge 5 Person Tent

Key feature:


2 room dome


2 mesh doors, 1 mesh window


Shock-corded fiberglass poles


Weight: 11.9 lbs


FREE shipping

This five person tent comes in dome shape with two rooms inside. So five people can stay comfortably with many spaces. This easy setup comes at a very affordable price also.


Dimension: It is an 11.9 pounds wenzel 5 person tent with 60 inches central height. The base is of 10*8 feet, and the floor area is 80 square feet.

Door: There are two Dutch-style double doors that divide two rooms inside. The double door feature has made the entry and exit quite comfortable.

Material: This is waterproof as well as resistant to UV rays. Because the material used here is polyester with the polyurethane, which provides durability and resistance against water, UV light, sunlight, etc.

Ventilation: There are ample facilities for proper ventilation. Like mesh door, mesh roof, mesh windows, etc.

Light Reflection System: The unique feature is the Light Reflection System inside the body. The interior is designed in such a way that you can set light sources like a lantern, flashlight, etc. For making a soothing environment inside, an illuminative panel is also designed.

Pockets: It has convenient pockets for storing things inside. There is also e-port, which is very important for your electronic gadgets.

Stargazing: From inside the body, you can see the open sky, full of stars, lying on the queen-sized bed. This is possible due to the mesh window and roof.

Color: The Pine Ridge is available in green color.



Rainfly: Due to the rainfly, water can enter inside. Because it doesn’t cover the front part and its size is not so big.

Zipper: The zippers are not so durable, so they cause various problems. Zippers stuck very often.

Stakes: It has a stake, but those are not so strong. That’s why problems occur.

Two-door problem: 5 people will use the zippered doors. So some problems will arise.

With sufficient space and weather protection features, this pine provides star gazing opportunities lying inside the wenzel pine ridge 5 person tent. Again privacy can also be maintained here as there are two rooms inside. So two couples can enjoy the camping trip very comfortably.

HUI LINGYANG Pop Up  5 person tent

Key feature:


Sleeps 4-6 adults


Center Height: 53.5"


Weight: 13.4 pounds


Electrical Card Access Port


Weather Protection System

This is a stand up cheap 5 person tent which is suitable for 5 to 6 people. The instant setup feature makes the it attractive.


Setup: There are pre-assembled poles. Again it is popped up. So instant setup is possible here.

Dimension: With 4.3 feet central height, it has a 9.5*6.6 feet floor.

Multiple usages: It can be used for various reasons like camping, hiking, night out under the open sky, etc. Your friend and family moment will be joyful as well as reliable with such a shade.

Ventilation: There are two doors; one in front of the other is in the back. Both the door are large so that air circulation will be adequate with the two doors. Again the mesh windows and vents also provide airflow and proper ventilation.

Manufacturing detail: Here, polyester is used as a fabric. It provides weather resistance. There are hooks for hanging clothes, a storage area where shoes can be kept. The HUI LINGYANG is manufactured in such a way that ample space can be found inside for lying and storing stuff.

Disassembling: Like assembling the shelter, the pack up procedure is also very easy. You need hardly a minute to disassemble it.


Price: Expensive but the price is worth for its nice features.

Rain protection: This HUI LINGYANG is not resistant to heavy rainfall.

This instant pop up tent has a portable carrying bag. It is really a great choice for stress-free traveling, vacation, hiking, or camping.

Texsport 5 Person Backpacking Tent

Key feature:


Three-year manufacturer's warranty


Tub-style rip-stop polyethylene floor


Spacious five-person Capacity


A flashlight loop


including two storage pockets

Are you thinking of sneaking around? Are you tired of boring daily life? Then jump ahead. Pack your backpack along with a suitable camping tent and sneak yourself with your lovely family or your crazy friends. Move for a while; enjoy some adventure around. In your venturous journey, a 5 person Texsport will give you full support. From space to weather protection everything is available in this backpacking fire retardant shade.


Dimension: With 144 square feet, this is well spacious for your 5 person group. The weight is 18.3 pond.

Poles: The poles in this are made of fiber glasses, so these are durable. There are also steel poles.

Material: The walls are made of 190T polyester taffeta and rainfly is coated with 1000 mm polyurethane. The floor is of polyethylene.

Walls: The walls are no-see-um mesh. So it provides ventilation and also privacy at the same time.

Fire retardant: The screen house is made with such a fabric that makes it Fire retardant. So this is reliable for camping in jungles or forests where there is a possibility of bushfire.

Color: It comes in two colors- blue and limestone.

Warranty: It comes with a three years manufacturing warranty.

Ventilation: With a D shaped door, windows, mesh roof provide proper ventilation.

Additional features: There are hooks on the walls for hanging your staff like a lamp or lantern. Again storage pockets help you to keep necessary tiny items. There is a nice carrying bag so that storing and carrying is very easier.


There are some missing parts of this tent which is really a problem.

To stay freely with privacy and enjoy a group trip, hiking or exploring forests, you can undoubtedly go with such a reliable Shade.

Coleman Elite WeatherMaster  5 person tent

Key feature:


Sleeping Capacity up to 6 person


WeatherTec system


Wind-Strong Frame


Separate screened-in room

For family or group trip or a night stay in your backyard, this is a very supportive element. It comes with a built-in illumination feature, and the interior is well designed to keep the coleman 5 person tent dry from inside always.


Setup: Easy setup Shade. You can disassemble it also within a very short duration.

Weather-tec system: The unique feature of this Coleman Elite WeatherMaster is the weather-tec system. This feature provides assurance of keeping the inside environment dry always. It doesn’t matter how much rain flows outside; inside it, it will remain dry always.

Porch-area: The screening porch area of this is a special feature that provides you with stargazing at clear weather from inside the room. This area can be used as an extra room or just as a relaxation place.

Rainfly: The rainfly is the most important element of the weather-tec system. This can cover the whole body and also extends to the walls. That’s why this rainfly is capable of protecting heavy rain and heavy wind also.

Windows: It has windows which are large enough for proper ventilation. Again the windows are placed at such an angle that rainwater cannot enter inside.

Strong: This is well resistant to rough weather. No matter how much wind flows, it won’t blow away as it has two strong steel frame.

Material: For this Coleman Elite WeatherMaster, polyester fabric is used for the fly and wall. This material is used to protect light rain. Polyethylene is used for the floor. It keeps away the water outside the body.

Bug protection: The mosquito and other bugs cannot enter inside the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster because of the mesh window and roof. So that you can have a sound sleep along with your kids without any mosquito bite.


The floor of the porch: The floor of the porch is not covered; that’s why you will need an extra footprint or another covering element to sleep or sit on the floor of the porch area.

Heavy stake: During a storm or heavy wind, if the situation goes beyond your control, you may need some heavy stakes to protect the sunshade.

Price: The Coleman Elite WeatherMaster is expensive to some extent. But the feature and quality it assures, the price is justified.

This is so perfect for a family-based trip, surely because of its comfort features. Again for the adventurous camping trip in a drastic environment, there is no other alternative to this Coleman WeatherMaster.

TOMOUNT  5 Person Tent

Key feature:


Very roomy for 5 adults


Professional Waterproof & Windproof


3 mesh windows


Smooth & sturdy zippers


Electrial Access Port

This is a cheap 5 person tent  with a portable storing bag. It is weatherproof with a wind protection facility. This  can make your trip free from all hazards.


Dimensions: The dimension of this TOMOUNT is 120*96*76 inches, with 20.72 lbs weight.

Spacious: It has enough space inside for five people. You can comfortably set two king-size beds or five air beds and sleep well, like your room. This can be considered as a well-suited family shade.

Setup: The installation time is approximately 8 minutes. Compared to the pop up the tent, this is stronger. The continuous pole sleeve makes the setup easier. Again the small parts also come in separate packets, so installation becomes easier.

Weather protection: This is a hiker garden shade with a waterproof index of 400 mm. Because the fabric used here is polyester with a 400 mm waterproof index, there is the wind-resist frame. This frame helps the TOMOUNT to be in a stable situation. So no matter it rains, or wind flows like a storm, you can remain dry and stable inside the body.

Ventilation: There is a large-sized mesh door with mesh windows and a mesh roof. As a result, sufficient air enters inside and get outside. This provides good ventilation.

Hikergarden: It protects the bodt from bugs. It is lightweight with a carrying bag. This is just perfect for outdoor adventure activities like fishing, hiking, camping, etc.

Zippers: The zippers used here are quite smooth. They never get stuck.

Additional feature: There is also E-port inside the shade. So that you can easily charge your electronic gadgets, again, there are mesh pockets inside for storing small stuff.


Instruction: The setup instructions can be made clearer for easy setup.

Floor: The floor is not so thick. So there remains a probability of water soaking when it rains heavily.

This best five person tent is strong enough to remain stable at very hazardous weather. You can also have a clear sky view from inside in the fresh weather.

For your long-awaited family outing or sudden camping plan with office colleagues, any outing trip remains incomplete without a perfectly chosen 5 person tent with vestibule. A comfortable and well protectable shade accomplishes the entire tour. Because all you need in a night out holiday or hiking or camping is a peaceful sleep or comfortable resting area. If you have this only, then you will be able to enjoy your outing indeed. For your five-member outing plan, you should be a little bit more careful while choosing the best five person tent. Because if you are planning a family trip, kids’ comfort will be a big issue. Again so many people in one shelter can cause a mess. So space, lighting factors, storing capacity all things matter a lot. So if you are investing your money, invest it after doing proper research on the pros and cons of each.