What is the best 4 person backpacking tent?

For people who are on holiday mode or want some crisp in life with friends or with family, the best cheap 4 person tent is just for you as a convenient holiday partner. Are you a hiking freak or a camping lover? If you are, then to cherish your hiking group, you can give them a surprise with it. If you are not so familiar with hiking, camping, or any sort of adventurous program, then for your own sake, give it a try.

Find some best buddies or go out with your family. Have a best rated 4 person tent sufficient for at least four men. Enjoy your vacation or holiday trip in a dark forest side or beside a riverbank under the open sky. You can also enjoy hiking in the mountains. For making it comfortable for you, we researched and found five shade with screen room for four people. That will make it easy for you to find the best 4 person tent with vestibule for you according to your requirements. You can make your choice based on our findings.

The ins and outs of this five-item are given here.

Coleman Instant Cabin. It is an instant setup. This thing makes this shade unique. Considering its overall features, one should definitely use it in their group camping.

Coleman Dome: For Camping coleman instant dome 4 person tent that offers plenty of space along with the main room and a screen room.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx: the Alps offers you easy setup, weather protection, sufficient space at an amazing price.

Browning Camping Glacier: Browning glacier 4 person tent is a freestanding easy assemble shade. So anyone of the group members can alone set it up. Again this is well ventilated and weather-proofed.

Eureka Copper Canyon: It is a four person tent with a waterproof feature. It is well protected against harsh weather and also serves good air circulation.

Best 4 person tent comparison at a glance:

Product NameCenter HeightWeightPrice
Coleman Cabin with Instant Setup4 ft. 11 in. 18 pounds$99.99
Coleman-Carlsbad-4-Person-Dome 4 ft. 11 in.15 pounds$139.99 
ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 52" in7 lbs$158.18
Browning Camping Glacier6 ft19 lbs. 4 oz.$74.99
Eureka Copper Canyon7 feet 18 lbs 10 oz$159.98

Coleman 4 Person Tent

Key feature Coleman :


Sets up in 1 minute


Convenient Storage


Weather Tec System


4 people Capacity


Dark Room Technology


Center height 4-foot 11-inch

With 4 feet 10 inches central height, the Coleman Instant Cabin Tent comes with an instant setup feature. About 1 minute requires to set up. For small families having kids, this is the right choice. Since it has enough room inside, the kids can move easily there.


Manufacturing element: The fabric used in this shade is rugged poly guard 2X fabric. This fabric protects the body from getting wet. There is no need for rain fly as there are polyester taped seams. It covers the whole body.

Easy setup: It can be arranged within a minute as it has pre-assembled poles. So it is also said Coleman instant 4 person tent. It hardly takes a minute to assemble the shade.

Weatherproof: The weather tech system of this includes inverted seams, built-in vented rainfly, welded floor, etc. All these elements keep it dry.

Doors and windows: The single door of shade is at the center. There are mesh windows that are great support for air circulation as well as bug protection.

Spacious: The is well suited for 4 people. There is ample space inside. So you can set an air bed inside.

Rainfly: The rainfly is vented, which provides proper air circulation. Again it is having Velcro attachments so that its body remains intact. Its rainfly is adjustable as you need.

Pockets: This has inner pockets on the walls. So these pockets can be used for storing things.

Color: Coleman instant tent is available in two colors. Brown and black.


Single door: Since it’s a 4 man shade, the single door causes problems in entry and exit.

Windy weather: It is so light to sustain against windy weather conditions.

This is a four-person pop-up shelter as the setup is instant. The spacious tent is a great choice for a small family like a couple and their baby. With space comfort, it also provides nice ventilation and weather protection. So without any hesitation just go for it.


What's this best 4 people sun shade height?

I’m at a height of 5 ft 11 and I can stand in the shade.

Are there windows on all four or only three ends of 4 people shade coleman?

Yes, all four angles have doors. There’s also tiny ventilation like opening on top, pretty airy.


Is this shade going to be good for the beach?

Yes. It’s a wonderful tent. Basically, you just shake it and it’s getting bigger. Then you press the thumbs of the already connected sticks and spongy cord for the snakes with plastic handles and it’s accomplished. All you need to do is press the pins on each side into the sand. It is light; it has displays that are breathable. It’s just as great as Coleman produces any decent cost. No more than 5 minutes will carry you, and if you go slowly, that’s it. If you hit camp in the dark, it’s perfect.

Have all the windows of the mesh screen zipped covers?

Yes, they are doing it.

How hard is it to bring down best four person sunshade?

It’s so simple. The first time is a bit more difficult-well, it’s the first time, but it’s still fast. LITERALLY requires 1-2 minutes after you get it down. Think— the legs of a spider— find the center, then the legs bend inwards, then remember to put in each arm branches like a large umbrella— bing bang boom— your father is Bob. The tent took down with my 9-year-old assistance. child. Well invested money.

Is it blocking the light outside?

Yes. More so when zipping the files. For the cost, this tent rocks.

Coleman Carlsbad 4 man tent

Key feature:


Separate screen room offers bug-free lounging


Storage pockets


Weather tec system


Easy setup in only few minutes


Measures 9 x 7 feet with 4-foot 11-inch center height; screen room measures 9 x 4 feet

It comes with colorful fabric. It also provides a unique feature that is a screen room. The sweet camping nights will be easier with such an affordable and multi-featured 4 person tent with vestibule.


Sound sleep: There is a unique feature of Coleman. Its darkroom technology makes it the best for peaceful sleep. This technology prevents sunlight to enter inside. So a dark and cool sleepy environment creates there.

Screen room: There is an extended portion inside the 4 person tent with porch where there is a screen room. It protects from bugs and provides good ventilation as well. This room can also be used for various purposes like cooking, or sitting or playing zone for kids, etc.

Ample space: Since it has a height of 4 feet 11 inches, it provides sufficient space for four people.

Material: It is made of durable polyester fabric. This fabric provides weather protection to the Coleman. The floor is in durable plastic and it comes with a bathtub shape. Fiber glasses are used for the poles.

Pockets: There are many pockets that are sewed on the wall. These pockets can be utilized to store many things.

Electric cable port: One of the best features of this is that it comes with an electric cable port. So you can charge your mobile phone, or you can carry many other portable electronic items for your comfort.

Color: It is available in three colors. Green, black, or teal.

Cost: The cost of this make it choose able among many users. Since it provides so many interesting features for four people at such an amazing cost.

Disassemble: It’s very easy to wrap up the sunshade inside the carry bag.


Setup: The setup of this is not so easy. It will take around 15 minutes to assemble it, following the instruction.

Poles: Poles are not so free to assemble. These are tight and need to be tricky to arrange.

This cheap 4 person tent is a good choice for four people. It does great in hot weather because of its darkroom technology. With a proper ventilation supply, you can make it your partner in your four-member camping.


Does the 6-person Carlsbad dome shade arrive on top with the rain cover?

Yes, the rain fly is the impact of the “dark space.” It’s as light as most shade inside, without it.

Realistically, in contrast with other shade, how dark does this sunshade remain?

It’s the greatest “dark” booth we ever kept. I possessed a lot of houses and there was none nearby.

How fast / easy is it setting up? Can an individual do it readily?

It’s quite self-explaining. In about 10 minutes, I can put it up alone. You’re not going to be unhappy.


Is the blackout technique really warm under the sun?

With the blackout style, it’s going to be somewhat warmer; you’d still want a little wind.


How many pockets (for phones / accessories) are there?

There are two of them.

Does the rain fly come along?

Yes, it definitely does, but I would recommend you to put a tarp over the display space suspended at least because the rain fly does not cover the whole area. It only includes half of it.

Alps Mountaineering 4 Person Tent

Key feature:


No assembly frustration & free-standing,


two-pole aluminum structure is a set-up wind.


Center Height: 52", Total Weight: 8 lbs. 10 oz.,


Durable poly taffeta floor & Durable Zippers


Incredibly waterproof.

This alps mountaineering lynx 4 person tent comes with a free stand and easy installation process. Alps is highly preferable for maintaining. With ample storing capability, it can give you and your camping group a soothing trip with lots of comfortable features.


Freestand: It is designed with a free stand. This feature makes the installation easier. Again with freestanding, you can move your assembled shade anywhere, any side you would like.

Double door: With two doors, the entry and exit of this become very easier. No needs to crawl over others. Again double doors also provide good ventilation.

Material: The poles are made of aluminum. The overall body is made of polyester called 75D 185T material. This material is durable and strong, as well. So it can provide protection against rain.

3 season: This is specialized for mountains. It’s called a 3 season alps mountaineering lynx 4 person tent. Because you can easily use it for three seasons like fall, spring, or summer.

Weather-proof: For strong protection against rough and tough weather, there are floor seamed and rain fly. Again the material used in the alps restricts UV light to get in.

 zippers: There are 8 zippers in this sunshade. All the zippers are extra large and durable.

Storage: It comes with enough storage capability. Two vestibules provide enough storage facilities.

Cost: The price of this shade is very surprising. Such a good quality product at such an affordable price really makes it unbeatable compared to the other 4 person tent with screen room.

Color: It is available in two colors-Brown and orange.


Weight:The weight of this is not so light to carry everywhere. So it is not suitable for hiking.

Heavy rain: It is not so suitable for heavy rainfall. Or heavy snowing weather.

Cold protection: For the winter season, it is not a good choice. It can’t give protection against cold weather.

Space issue: It is well enough for 2 to 3 people. It can be adjustable for four people, that’s not a big deal. But if the members are very tall dudes with the fittest body, then the problem arises. A space problem occurs.

To avoid all types of troubles in hill tracks, mountains, or camping with 3 to 4 members, this is superb. With an excellent price value, it gives you all the comforts from space to storage capability. So without thinking twice, you can grab this product.

Browning Glacier 4 Person Tent

Key feature:


Full coverage fly


Two doors with zippered mesh windows


4 people capacity 4 season


Center Height: 6 feet


Durable Oxford Floor

With a 10 square feet area, this provides luxurious space for four people to stay. It is a season-friendly 4 season 4 person tent which offers you very good weather protection. Space can be effectively utilized for your kids or pets. Again you can set air pumped cots inside to make it more comfortable for the kids. The entire pros and cons of the Browning instant 4 person tent are mentioned below.


Hybrid: The design of this can be said hybrid as it is in between the cabinet and dome-style.

Materials: The poles are made of aluminum. The fabric of the fly is polyester, which is called 75D 210T. The floor is durable with 210D nylon oxford coating.

Four seasons: The Browning glacier comes with a unique feature that makes it highly usable in any weather. This is a four-season shade so that one can use it all year round without any problems.

Ventilation: There is sufficient ventilation inside the shelter because of two doors, two windows, a vent on the roof, ceiling with mesh, rainfly, etc. The roof can be opened for fresh air as it has a zippered area.

Double layered: There is a full coverage fly along with the inner body. This made the product double layered.

Storage area: It has a vast storage area with double zippered vestibules. There are also mesh pockets. All these things can effectively be used to keep your necessary stuff like phone, charger, iPad, and so on.


Vent: There is no vent in the fly.

Cost: For the quality it provides, it has increased the price amount to a great lightest 4 person tent.

Weight: It comes with so many luxury features. For this reason, this is a little heavier.

Although this Browning glacier is quite expensive, the quality of features it provides does justice with the price amount. So, undoubtedly, in any weather condition, you, along with your kids and pets, will have adventurous as well as lovely camping moments.


What are floor width and inside height?

The sizes are 8 ‘ X 9 ‘, approximately 6 ‘ in height. It’s really big for four masculine sleeping areas. Simple o built up. In about 10 minutes, I can set it up by myself in a poor climate. This is an amazing indoor shade. You’re not going to miss it, buy it.

Do the poles have shock cords?

Yes, they do. This tent is made by Alps Alpinism and also I highly advise it. I stayed cozy  -5 * F, and I kept up after a tornado passed 30 miles away and also we had 50+ miles per hour winds. Excellent as well as company that sustains their products. I have 3 of their outdoors tents currently.

Is this a shed for four seasons? Would you like to use it in southern Michigan for early summer hunting?

Wouldn’t call the Glacier a real four-season tent, but there are dense, sturdy poles standing up to strong winds, heavy wind, and mild winter.

Is it well ventilated for use in winter? Or is it staying warm? What if it's raining in the winter?

Through the front, back and both ends, it ventilates very well. I use mine in Arizona where it’s really warm winters. I get both day and night a pleasant breeze.

Eureka Copper Canyon 4 Person Tent

Key feature:


Cabin style


Steel/fiberglass frame


E! Power Port


Weight 18 pounds 10 ounces

Copper Canyon 4 Person Tent is for four people. It is a four season 4 person shade with screened porch which offers relaxation like a cabin. With ample space for air beds inside, this is weather-proof as well.


Measurement: Height of this is 7 feet; Weight is 18 pounds 10 ounces with 8 feet by 8feet floor.

Design: This is designed in cabin style. The walls are vertical. The inside structure is perfect for setting air beds.

Setup: Copper Canyon is designed in such a way that it can be set easily within a very short time.

Family stays: With your family members you can stay comfortably inside the room. The spacious floor and vertical wall allow you to set cots, air beds to stay relaxed.

Power port: This comes with a zippered E-port. So that you can easily charge your electronic gadgets.

Storage: Available mesh pockets and gear lofts allow you to keep stored your many useful things. So that you can find them easily.

Door: The door is designed here in a D shape. So that easy entry is possible inside.



Weight: Comparatively high in weight. So carrying it alone is not so easy.

With enough sleep and moving space inside this eureka 4 person tent is very well suited for a family outings.With good storage capability this eureka copper canyon also offers very good weather protection. The cooking system can also be arranged inside.

On the basis of our research, the 4 person backpacking tent is brought here. All the pros and cons are clearly mentioned for you. Now it’s your turn to choose. Check out all the best rated 4 person tent carefully. Do your own research and choose the best one for yourself on the basis of comfort, reliability, cost, and so on. Buy the best and spend the best time with your near and dear ones.