Need the best 2 person tent for various camping? Then here you go. It can be used for any camping like bike camping, beach camping, hiking, picnic, etc., these tents are for two-person. So for all those who love hiking, camping, we have researched the best five lightweight backpacking tent for them. Among these five amazing , there are lots of similarities. Here, we have seen the many advantages and some disadvantages of each of the five item.

The Kelty Salida Camping and Backpacking Tent 2 Person :It is a two-person tent and has multi-features. The usage seems easy and comfortable for anyone. This is also known as the best two-man shade for backpacking.

Then the second Zenph Automatic 2 Persons Family Camping  It is for 2 people and its usage is very easy. Also, it cheap considering other multi-application tents.

The third Three-Season Backpacking GEERTOP Backpacking : It is very stylish with multi-features. And the quality of this is too much good. It is a high price.

The fourth portable  Feather stone Outdoor Backpacking :Its  gives a roomy feeling and has a comfort zone. The built-in features are also amazing.

And the fifth one is ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person . It is is overall good but not up to the market like other.

Therefore, from the huge research, we will be able to choose the best two-person backpacking tent depending on the choices, demands, and conditions of future customers.

Best two person tent comparison at a glance:

NameWeightSet UPPrice
Kelty Salida 2 Person 4.57 poundsEasy set up$129.00 
Zenph Pop Up 2 Persons 6.8 pounds3 Seconds Auto-Opening79.99
GEERTOP Backpacking for 2 Person5.71 poundsQuick set up110.99
Featherstone 2 Person Backpacking 5 lbsFreestanding $99.99
ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person7.5 poundsEasy assembly $119.99

Kelty Salida Best 2 person tent

The key feature of Kelty Salida :


Color coded clip and fly attachment


Free standing & internal storage pockets


Fully seam taped construction


Weight 4.5 pounds


Occupancy two-person

Are you looking for an upgraded shelter for a two-person? Then, Kelty Salida are one of the best choices for two-person. This is has an elegant design and also works as a sun shelter and stable in heavy wind. Also it is perfect for picnic or mountain climbing or hiking. Additionally, this wonderful item is handy and transportable. Moreover, this has many fascinating applications.


Area of the shade: the area  is 5 ft² / 2.83 m² and the area of the antechamber is 10 ft² / 0.93 m².

Capacity: the capacity available for this Kelty Salida Camping and Backpacking is only two.

High Protection: This Item gives huge protection from bugs like insects and mosquitoes because of the inner mesh. Also, this works as a shelter in heavy rain. It is water-proof. Although it’s multi-functions seems it works more than the sunshade.

Color Available: This has only has a gray color.

Easy Transport: This amazing shade can be carried anywhere you want as it is weightless, easy to set up, and easy to fold up.

Materials Used: This lightweight hiking tents made up of high-quality fabrics called 68D Polyester, which is water-proof, durable, and washable. Also, the mesh is made up of 40D No-See-Um Mesh. And the floor is made by 68D Nylon, 1800 mm.

Weight: This best two-person Best hiking tent is about 4.57 pounds, which is less than the other best shade for two-person.

Dimensions: It has 88 in/224 cm in length, and width is 55/45 in// 140/114 cm, and the height is 43 in/109 cm. But the whole packed dimensions are 13 x 15 in/ 33 x 38 cm . This stylish gives space for only a couple of people.

Manufacturing of the Item: This ultralight two-person tent has one door and one antechamber. The poles used are too strong because these poles are made up of 7000 series Aluminum. The floor is also attached with 75D 185T polyester fly fabrics, which will help to keep the person dry during the rainy season.

Cost: This is cheaper and affordable.

Features: High-quality fabrics are used, and most importantly, the polyester is stitched properly. The inside netting is for perfect ventilation. On the other hand, the door has one large D shaped doors with the best quality.

Warranty: According to the companies policies, the limited lifetime warranty is also given to every customer.
Transport Bags: This is for backpacking also provides a stylish cubic transport bag.


Extra Expense: Accessories like Outdoorsman Lab Camping Sleeping Pad, Ultralight Inflatable Camping Pad, Compact Hiking & Backpacking Gear Includes Camping Mat, Bag & Repair Kit need to buy separately.

No Footprint: Footprint is not included.

Humidity Issue: During humidity, the spots may appear on the wall of this.

The Backpacking tent reviews that the winner of the backpacker Editor’s Choice Award in 2011. This has lots of upgraded features. Also, this is the lightest Kelty Salida in the world for camping. Also, the Kelty Salida  is very stylish and comfortable. This is super cool and highly recommended for hill-climbing or hiking or picnic. Furthermore, it is portable and has a lot of protection features and good for airing. Therefore, the best two man tent is the best at a reasonable price.


How simple is very easy configuration if you're a novice camper looking for a carefree vehicle outdoor camping experience?

For a newbie, this should be a really great camping shade. It has just 2 taps that stick to the poles through and after the outdoor shade. In my career, you can use multiple camping facilities as this one is the simplest.

Will it keep out the mosquitoes?

Your tent will remain out of the mosquito, but you have to get into and out of the room really quickly. Make sure the doors are locked!

Will it fit on a backpack's external belts?

It’s possible, yes. Although it is proposed that the pocket is a broader rectangle-shaped shape, the inside sections can be repositioned conveniently. They’re all round and that shape can be maintained by the entire pocket. You can plug it into a bike-packing handlebar pocket, which is small in diameter.

Is it a water-proof shade?

The rain is flying on, yes. All holes, as well as flooring, are tied and coated with rainfly. A footprint will add an additional waterproofing layer, too.

What is the best appropriate sleeping pad for this camping area?

If you’re one, you can carry a 25 “pillow conveniently, but if two of them sleep in the camping shed, you’ll need to stick to 20” pads.

How simple is it to set up when you're a camping beginner searching for a carefree camping experience?

For beginners, this should be a really nice shed. Simply crossing two poles and then clipping the shed to the poles. In my career, you can use a lot of shelters, and this one is the simplest.

GEERTOP  2 Person Dome Tent

Key feature:


High Quality Material


2 Person 4 Season


Poles material & Stakes material are aluminum


Built in light hook and storage pockets.


2 doors and mesh windows, 2 vestibules(left and right)

Are you tired of finding the best 4 season tent for two within your budget? Then, you should have a glance at GEERTOP Backpacking Tent for 2 Person. This GEERTOP is one of the best 4 seasons two-person shade. It is elegant and eye-catching. And the creative designs of this  is shaped like the top of the temple and have many attractive features. Also, this GEERTOP can be able to stand for a long period in any situation. Besides, this best, a two-person sunshade is also flexible and comfortable.


Easy Set-up: This  looks so simple and has a super easy set-up system. 

Capacity: This is best for 2 people.

Color Available: This GEERTOP has only yellow color.

The area inside the body: It has 21 square feet

Designs of the body: This best lightweight backpacking  GEERTOP designs beautifully.  It has a double-layered item. And the inner is designed with a mesh which is good for ventilation. There are also 2 storage pockets.

UV Protection: This shade blocks the sunlight and protects from the harmful UV rays present in the sunlight.

Materials used: GEERTOP made up of a cloth which is 210T anti-tear checkered polyester. The floor is also water-resistant. This blocks all the UV rays and water from the outside and gives double shade to keep the place cool and safe.

Travel Bag and Transport: The Company provides a carry bag. Also, it is easy to transport and stored inside.

Weight: This new portable,lightweight backpacking shelter is approximate of 6lbs.

Dimensions: The new 2 person waterproof tent’s dimension of the Outer layer is 82(L) x 102(W) x 45(H) inches, and dimensions of Inner layer are 78(L) x 55(W) x 41(H) inches. And the dimensions of the whole package are 17.3(L) x 6.7(W) x 6.7(H) inches.

Sturdiness and Stability: This is strong enough to stand for a long in heavy wind or in rough weather.


Extra Expense: Accessories like Outdoorsman Lab Camping Sleeping Pad, Ultra-light Inflatable Camping Pad, Compact Hiking & Backpacking Gear Includes Camping Mat, Bag & Repair Kit need to buy separately.
Space Issue: Space is small for fat and tall people and seems to have limited space for a two-person.

Three-Season Backpacking GEERTOP Backpacking the tent is the most elegant and very attractive. This is known as the best lightweight backpacking tent. This product comes along with a nice product case for easy transport. Moreover, this is amazing easy set-up and easy to pack up. This is highly recommended for people to express love by giving the highest comfort zone using this best 2 person dome tent.


Exit Windows in this outdoor shade?

No window in this outdoor sunshade since the area of the mesh is large that make the camping shade sufficient breathable. As well as one door in this item.

Can you establish the rainfall fly as a shade without the internal outdoor sunshade?

Yes! Simply require to utilize the ground tarpaulin for the posts.

Is this a 4 or 3-period?

 It is a 3-period of outdoor tents. However also you can utilize as a 4 season camping tent, in this instance, you require preparing other heating tools, such as thick sleeping bags and also thick resting pads. If you have any various other concerns, please contact us by e-mail and we will reply to you within 1 day, thanks.

Does toy need to use the stakes to establish ? I simply got mine in the mail and tried to set it up in the house and it seems like you do?

Yes, you do the tent wall surfaces suspend as well as enclose a lot of the sleeping area without the risks.

Does this include a ground sheet?

Yes, it features a ground sheet.   

Zenph Automatic 2 person tent

Key feature:


3 Seconds Auto-Opening


Waterproof and Moisture-proof


Net Isolation of Mosquitoes


Great for Breathability and Ventilation


Shipping Weight: 6.8 pounds

Want to go for a group camping? Need a shade for your group? Then, Pop Up Zenph Automatic is the perfect choice for group camping. It is one of the amazing ultra-light backpacking tents. It gives spaces for two or three-person. But this Pop Up Zenph Automatic Family Camping Tent has the capacity from two to three people with proper shelter. Also, this portable stylish gives UV protection. Moreover, It has high-quality fabrics and materials. Thus, it is more cool and flexible for outdoor camping.


Automation system: This has to through in the sky; then, it opens automatically within 3 seconds.

UV Protection: This gives the proper protection from dangerous UV light.

High Protection: This gives huge protection from bugs like insects and mosquitoes because of the inner mesh. Also, this works as a shelter in heavy rain. It is water-proof.

Dimensions:The dimensions of this 2-3 person backpacking shade are 102” x 62” x 43 ”.

Transportable: This is a very convenient to carry and travel. Along with this best lightweight backpacking tent, a stylish circle-shaped transport bag is provided.

Full Packet Weight: This zenph  is about 6.8 pounds, that means 3.5kg, which is relatively less than the other shade.

Strong and Durable: This is strong enough and can be used in remote areas for a long duration.

Materials Used: High-quality PU material waterproof 68D 185T polyester fabrics, and the bottom is made of 150D Oxford cloth, and steel is used for the strong frame.

Sturdiness and Stability: This is made with metal steel, which gives a strong body and can stand-in heavy sunlight and wind for a long duration.

Features: This is very easy to set up or packing back bag. The fabrics covered the whole body is waterproof, and the bottom is also water-proof with 3000mm spaces. And the body is made for netting for perfect airings.

Cost: It  is very low cost.

Color: Has only one color that is greenish-yellow color.

Warranty: According to the company’s policies, the limited lifetime warranty is also given to every customer.


No airflow: Not have any airflow, which may lead to face problems during rain.

Space Issue: Not good enough for tall people. Most of the tall people discomforts when they stand.

Extra Expense: Accessories like Odoland Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan – Hurricane Emergency Survival Kit need to buy separately.

Zenph Automatic 2-3 Persons Tent  used for camping. It can also be used in the river bank as well as for the picnic or rock climbing or ice climbing or any outdoor family programs. This is the best of all other group item. Also, the design is so fashionable and outstanding. The most important point of this wonderful shelter is cheap enough, considering other renowned group product. Therefore, this is highly recommended for every outing.


Is it free standing?

Yes, it is freestanding.

Is this shade come with a fly of rain?

Attached non removable.

⠀How many doors are there?

One door, but there is lots of ventilation.

Will this shade stand up to the solid winds and also a rain of Patagonia as well as various other hills?

Yes, it absolutely will!

How exactly is this going to be done in both cold temperatures and wind?

 The wind is no problem; you might want a 4-period sub no.

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent

Key feature:


Easy setup


Weather Protection




Durable & waterproof


Zippered Dual Mesh Doors

Want to have a peaceful sleep on camping? This is very innovative and known as the Ultra-light backpacking tent. ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent is the super-duper solution which will make you tension free tour. This has multi-applications.


High Protection (Spf 50+): This helps to block all the harmful ultraviolet rays present in the sunlight to avoid skin cancer.

Water-resistant: This wonderful item is water-proof and wind-proof.

Materials Used: It has high-quality waterproof rainfly fabrics PU 2000 that is used which is waterproof. A gear loft with steel stages. Guy ropes and zipper of the doors.

Features:This product has high-quality fabrics and freestanding designing of the shade is pretty good. This  s also has two doors and best for all weather.

Dimensions: The product dimensions are 60” x 90” x 48” inches and has 7.5 pounds .

Color Available:This lightweight item has only ash-black color.

Easy Transport: This can be carried anywhere you want as it is weightless, easy to set up and easy to fold up.

Weight: The Total weight for this is only 7lbs and 9 oz that is 8 pounds which is very less.

Set-Up Time: ALPS Mountaineering Meramac takes 2-3 minutes to set up.
Sturdiness and Stability. This is strong enough to stand in heavy wind.

Transportable: It can be carried here and there. Also, the ultralight backpacking tent is provided along with a handy transportable bag.

Features:This amazing item has two doors with high-quality zippers for proper ventilation and pockets for phones, water bottles, keys, any newspapers. And the inner mesh is to protect the person inside it from insects like ant or mosquitoes. Also, this is freestanding and for all seasons.

Cheap:This is very cheap and affordable.


Extra Expense:Accessories like Outdoorsman Lab Camping Sleeping Pad, Ultra-light Inflatable Best large Camping tent Pad, Compact Hiking & Backpacking Gear Includes Camping Mat, Bag & Repair Kit need to buy separately.

Poor designed: The floor may leak during rain. And the zippers may break.

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent is highly recommended. This costs about $80 which is worth it. The design is so fascinating and dashing. The color of this ALPS Mountaineering Meramac is ash black which is too active. Also, reviews from the customers seem good enough for camping or hiking.


Are poles fiberglass?

Yes, this camping shade makes use of fiberglass poles.

How waterproof are these outdoor sunshade? All testimonials look excellent, but just how well does it carry out in an electrical storm? Does it require additional spray on water repellant?

I have actually not utilized the camping tent in any kind of tough rainfall yet, but the outdoor tents should not need any type of extra water repellent.

Does mesh window in Alps Alpinism Meramec 2 outdoor shade have any kind of personal privacy flaps?

Yes and this outdoor tent is a wind to set up as well as drawdown. Seriously fast and also easy.  

Is this waterproof?

I’ve successfully kept dry in tool rainfall with the reduced wind. It can take great deals of rainfall; however, if it’s windy the rain fly will not keep water out. The style allows wind to channel rain up under the cover in high winds.

Are the posts fiberglass or lightweight aluminum?

Fiberglass poles. I discover them really strong and also easy to collaborate with. Great best 2 person tent. A little heavy and also big for backpacking but fantastic for vehicle camping.

It is excellent for bike packing?

Yes, these outdoor tents would be fantastic to bring on your bike. It loads down to 6×24″ as well as considers 6.9 pounds. I hope this locates you well.

Will a queen cushion fit?

Yep. I have actually done it with lots of room to walk it.

Will this in shape conveniently into a knapsack when folded?

Yes, it will, yet I would certainly recommend strapping it to the beyond your pack or else it is going to occupy excessive of your pack space.

Feather Stone 2 Person Backpacking Tent

Key feature:


Durable, Lightweight, & Breathable


Easy To Set Up & Freestanding


Weight 3.8 lbs


Weather Protection, Ample Space


Waterproof Rainfly

.Do you think about tours and trips? You may need a two-person tent. So there for you, the best shelter is known as Feather stone Outdoor Backpacking 2 Person. Featherstone is the total package of the best one and two-person tent. This has multiple applications, which is very much fascinating. This is made with high-quality fabrics that are water-proof. Furthermore, this is weightless and portable. Perfect for camping or outing.


UV Protection: This works as a sunlight blockage and prevents skin burning and unwanted rushes.

Water-proof:the amazing item is water-resistant.

Set-up System: This set-up is very simple. and easy. It has two doors with high-quality zippers and two antechambers. The aluminum pole is connected to two more poles to make it weightless. And the aluminum poles helps to keep it firm and trendy.

Transportable: This is lightweight and can be carried almost everywhere. Also, it is provided along with a handy, colorful transportable bag.

Weight: The weight of this 2 person shelter is 3.80lbs that is 4 pounds.

Features: This portable backpacking tent has 2 different colorful stylish attractive shelter. This is also lightweight and freestanding. Also, this is pretty easy to set up. Also, this is enough space for 2 adults.

Materials Used: The inner mesh is made up of micro fabrics. And the outer fabric used is rain fly 75D ripstop polyester. Moreover, coated with polyurethane. Besides, the pole is aluminum. Also, the inner is made to avoid suffocations. And the floor is water-resistant.

Dimensions: It has dimensions are 84” x 51” inches. Also, the peak height is 43” inches.

Components Produced by the Company: the whole package contains one aluminum pole with 12 pieces of Aluminum stakes, Reflective Guy Lines, & Waterproof Footprintand walls made of rain fly polyester cloth, stakes pusher, and one transportable bag.

Sturdiness and Stability: This Product with footprint is strong enough to stand for a long and does not break down in the heavy wind.

Warranty: According to the company’s policies, a lifetime warranty is provided to every customer.



Extra Expense: Accessories like Sleeping Camping Sleeping Pad – Mat, (Large), Ultralight 14.5 OZ, Best Sleeping Pads for Backpacking, Hiking Air Mattress – Lightweight, Inflatable & Compact, Camp Sleep Pad, etc. need to buy separately.

Less Durable: this best two-man tent is very lightweight and has less durable.

Feather stone Outdoor Backpacking 2 Person is too good for any camping anywhere. This is manufactured with high-quality types of fabrics and equipment. This has a capacity of 2 people. Also, have some small pockets to store small things. Furthermore, the setting of this Feather stone Outdoor Backpacking 2 Person is very easy to set up and use. Moreover, the price is affordable for this best two-man tent. I hope you buy this product and experience the best of it.


Can you see the stars well through the mesh? (Is that at all possible with mesh sunshade period?

Sure, it’s just like looking through a screen window.

Does the rain fly allow for access to doors?

Yes, rain fly has access to doors.

Does this shadehave a spot to hang a light?

Yes, it does! There’s a small hook at the top that will fit a lightweight light. However, if you have the detachable gear loft in place then this blocks the hook, so you have to choose between the two. Keep in mind, there are still small gear pockets on each side corner (4 total), so you still have a bit of space for phones, etc

What is the weight of a shade?

Trail Weight: 5 lbs

Is it free standing?

Yes, it can be assembled with just the screen, just the fly or both.